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Video games have so many genres that suit the needs of every gamer. In the modern age of gaming, so many people think of gambling as online combat or high stakes, but not all video games have to be this intense. Most importantly, the game should always be fun. Many even use play as a way to unwind after a hard day of study or work.

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Creating art is the perfect way for many people to relax or express themselves. Not everyone who wants to create digital art has access to expensive drawing tablets or a stylus, so the best thing is to use what you already have. Drawing or painting games are accessible and add as a bonus player interaction or sharing your art with your friends. Here are our favorite games that let you draw or paint.

Mario artist: painting workshop

Nintendo Mario Artist cover art drawing Japanese video game

In 1999, Nintendo released Mario Artist: Paint Studio as a sequel to Mario Paint. Mario Artist: Paint Studio is a game in a three part Mario Artist series. These games were only released in Japan, but fans all over the world are still enjoying them. They are so simple that anyone can figure out how to play them.

Mario Artist: Paint Studio is best known for having various in-game Nintendo character images that can be used as stamps and inserted into a design. People still play this game today. They often use this feature to create memes using characters from Mario or various Pokémon and share them online.

Draw something

Draw Something title screen and Lion King drawing

Mobile games are great for interacting with gamers from almost anywhere quickly and easily. Draw Something was released in 2012 and is still played today as it is a fun, relaxed game for anyone who wants to try their hand at drawing, even if they are not an expert artist.

In Draw Something, players are prompted to enter a word or phrase. They have to draw their prompt on their cell phone, then submit the drawing to the second player. The second player then guesses what the drawing is, draws their own prompt for the first player, and the cycle continues.

Attracted to life

Drawn To Life Hero Creator Drawn To Life: Two Realms Gameplay

Many gamers probably have nostalgic memories of their Nintendo DS and fondly remember our favorite childhood Nintendo DS games. We used to use the stylus to draw in Pictochat and send drawings to our friends. Drawn To Life is a game that encourages creativity using the unique tablet and stylus function on the Nintendo DS.

In Drawn To Life, players first draw their hero. Throughout the game various elements of the game like weapons and vehicles are also drawn by the player. The highly personalized gaming experience in Drawn To Life has earned it enough popularity for two sequels. Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter was released in 2009, just two years after its initial release. Then, after a decade, Drawn To Life: Two Realms was released in 2020.

Drawing studio

UDraw Studio drawing tablet and stylus

In 2010, Nintendo released uDraw Studio for the Wii. The game series later gained enough attention to have a sequel on Wii, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. uDraw Studio is an easy-to-use standard drawing program with different sizes of brushes or effects to add to designs.

The game caught the attention of the public by selling a graphics tablet with every copy of the game. Digital art in the modern age is booming more than ever. We wonder if any of these popular digital artists started their creative careers with simple doodles in uDraw Studio.

Academy of Arts

Art Academy Nintendo DS cover art and painter character Vince

Drawing and painting games are great for those who already have artistic hobbies, but they can be intimidating for those who may not yet know how to draw. Art Academy is a great game for beginning artists that educates the player while being fun.

The Art Academy course mode is for those who want to learn about drawing. A character named Vince gives these lessons. Players must complete a level before they can progress. More advanced artists still have the option of choosing the free painting mode, which is a standard drawing program. Here, players have the freedom for any artistic expression.

Live Colors

Styracosaurus drawing live on Nintendo Switch Colors

In September 2021, Nintendo launched Colors Live for artists with Nintendo Switch to enjoy. Nintendo Switch is used as a graphics tablet and drawings are made using a stylus. The game works like a more advanced drawing program and has features like pressure sensitivity. This means artists can create light sketches as the first layer, then add crisp line art on top of it later.

Colors Live comes with an online competitive mode. You can share designs with other players or complete challenges. Competitive mode can motivate artists to draw regularly and practice to improve their skills.

WarioWare DIY

WarioWare DIY Nintendo Wario Character Art

Fans of the WarioWare series were excited to receive a new addition to the series in September 2021. If you like challenging and fun minigames, you’ll love the minigames WarioWare has to offer. Over a decade ago, the last WarioWare game still kept the same minigame gameplay, but with a twist.

WarioWare DIY was released in 2010 for Nintendo Wii as a complement to the original WarioWare game for Nintendo DS. Players were encouraged to get creative by drawing and building their own mini-game stages. They could interact with other players from anywhere and share their unique ideas for different levels and games.


Jackbox party game knockout tee and Drawful designs

Jackbox is the perfect game series to play with your friends. As long as you have a group of friends with the same sense of humor or fondness for memes as you do, you’ll never be bored. Jackbox offers many types of game modes, but many players agree that drawing games are their favorite.

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There are many drawing games to try with Jackbox. In the Jackbox Party Pack, players can play Drawful, which looks like a game of charades. Champ’d Up in Jackbox 7 puts in competition two drawings of different players. Tee KOs in Jackbox 3 allows players to match their designs with words and phrases to create hilarious t-shirts.

Chicory: a colorful tale

Chicory A Colorful Tale Dog Main Character Gameplay Paint Colors

Fans of indie games will love Chicory: A Colorful Tale. Currently, it can be purchased on Playstation 4, Playstation 5 or Steam. In this 2D adventure game, you play as a dog in a mostly black and white world. The art style looks like a blank coloring book, and it’s your job to color everything around you.

The game contains many cute animal characters that you will run into and interact with. The art you draw will help solve puzzles and advance the storyline. Not only does Chicory: A Colorful Tale encourage creativity through art, but it also has an interesting story and characters to keep your interest.

Mario painting

Nintendo Mario Paint Cover Art & Music Creator

Mario Paint is one of the oldest drawing programs, and it’s still loved decades later. Its simple but effective format allows players of all ages to enjoy it. Mario Paint came out decades ago in 1992, so it lacked today’s digital art technology. Players had to draw using a mouse, but no one seemed to care.

Mario Paint has combined the fun of drawing with the classic Nintendo mascot, Mario. Not only could you spend hours sketching, but one of the fan favorite features was the music creation section. Players can use sound clips from the Mario series and put them together to create their own music.

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