5 Best Pottery Stores in Cleveland, OH


Below is a list of the best and leading pottery stores in Cleveland. To help you find the best pottery stores near you in Cleveland, we’ve put together our own list based on this rating point list.

The best pottery stores in Cleveland:

The top rated pottery stores in Cleveland, OH are:

  • Gleena Studios – is a line of functional tableware
  • Billy Ritter 77 – offers individual instructions to aspirants
  • Joseph Davis Decorative Arts – started dealing in antiques at the age of nine
  • Child Flower – have one of the best mid-century collections
  • Ceramic Brick + Studio Design – offers a state-of-the-art ceramic workshop and showroom

Gleena StudiosPottery Shops in Cleveland

Gleena Studios, all of her dinnerware pieces are porcelain and are hand-cast and made in small batches by Asya Palatova in Cleveland, Ohio. She began working with clay while studying graphic design at the University of Cincinnati. The love affair with clay forced her to build ceramic sculptures on her kitchen table while working as a graphic designer in New York.

The sculptures built in the kitchen allowed Asya to enter the graduate program at the Rhode Island School of Design. After obtaining an MFA in ceramics, she founded Gleena, a line of functional tableware. Asya mixes her own porcelain slip and glazes using food-safe clays and minerals, all recipes Asya developed at RISD.




Address: 3619 Walton Ave C103, Cleveland, OH 44113
Website: www.gleena.com


“Amazing porcelain work and high quality craftsmanship. I find his creations soothing with shapes reminiscent of the human body and colors evoking the taste of succulent food. His work is sophisticated, built with integrity, and a joy to use every day. – Mike M.

Billy Ritter 77Best Pottery Stores in Cleveland

Billy Ritter 77Editions of studio works are constantly changing. This divergence leads to collection, keeps work new and fresh, and ensures you have something truly unique on your table. In addition to his unique studio work, Billy also does large commissions and private commissions. Each piece is made by his hands from start to finish. The wares are made by hand and modified, or “thrown” using a potter’s wheel. Billy’s glazes are blended from proven recipes and cooked using the natural gas process with reduction over a wood fire.

He encourages you to visit the studio, where he is always happy to give tours, answer questions, and sell his finished works in their showroom. In addition to Billy’s workshop craftsmanship, he offers one-on-one instruction to aspiring individuals in the community, as he feels dedicated to enriching the lives of others through the education of experience and process; with the empowerment of knowledge and the spirit of fun.


Handmade ceramics items and workshops


Address: 3619 Walton Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113
Call: (216) 407-1545
Website: www.billyritter77.com


“We used Billy Ritter ceramic ware for our recent wedding in Ohio, and each piece was as beautiful to look at as it was to eat. His pieces were so detailed and helped create the perfect elopement experience using local produce, I would definitely recommend him!” – Garrett W.

Joseph Davis Decorative ArtsCleveland Pottery Stores

Joseph Davis Decorative Arts have been owners and curators of Joseph Davis Antiques for over 35 years. Joseph specializes in 19th and 20th century decorative arts, the Cleveland School, and Italian and French decoration. He became interested in buying and selling antiques when Joseph was only eight years old. His aunt Rose took him to all the art galleries, museums and Asian sculpture gardens that grew up in Seattle, Washington.

He started dealing in antiques when he bought his first piece of Rookwood pottery at the age of nine. From this time Joseph began to buy and sell American art pottery. After moving to Cleveland at the age of 18, Joseph discovered Cowan pottery and was hooked. He always had an interest in Wiener Werkstatte and Austrian art.


Decorative art


Address: 3143 W. 33rd & Paris #8, Cleveland, OH 44109
Call: (216) 314-1907
Website: www.josephdavisantiques.com


“An experienced dealer who has a great selection and a nice showroom. Monthly open houses are fun, but it’s also open by appointment. – Jérémy O.

Child FlowerGood pottery stores in Cleveland

Child Flower kept Cleveland and Columbus fresh with stunning 20th century gear, featuring items from the 1930s through the 1980s. Around every corner is a larger vintage, hand-picked and displayed as it would have looked when of its original sale. They are a true vintage department store and museum. From art, homewares and funky furniture to matching clothes and accessories, they turn vintage shopping into a time travel experience.

You can go from a modern 1950s living room, to a 1970s sci-fi kitchen, to a plush 60s bedroom, all in the space of 20 steps. They have one of the best Mid-Century collections in the Midwest, with a friendly, knowledgeable staff to help you find the perfect item.


Clothing, jewelry, furniture, lighting, glass and pottery, other


Address: 11508 Clifton Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 44102
Call: (216) 939-9933
Website: www.flowerchildvintage.com


“I really love this place! So many unique and funky items at very reasonable prices. The staff is so kind and helpful!” – Matthew F.

Ceramic Brick + Studio DesignOne of the best pottery stores in Cleveland

Ceramic Brick + Studio Design offers a state-of-the-art ceramics workshop and a showroom of handcrafted local pottery. They offer classes for all levels of artists. Valerie Grossman is a ceramic artist in Cleveland and a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art ’12. Valerie’s work can be seen locally in several permanent collections as well as at the Cleveland Institute of Art and the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations. As an artist, she creates sculptural and functional pieces that are a blend of charming and strong qualities.


Art ceramics, Pottery


Address: 420 E 161st St, Cleveland, OH 44110
Call: (216) 744-4689
Website: www.brickceramics.com


“Fantastic environment in a bustling artistic district. The staff are helpful and informative! One of the few studios in the region to use gas cooking! –Brian


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