6 time-saving apps for entrepreneurs and small business owners


By Adam Taylor.

In the age of technology, entrepreneurs and small business owners can run a business almost entirely from the comfort of a smartphone. The best apps save you time and help you stay in touch with your business wherever you are. Studies show that making technology upgrades a regular goal for your business is necessary to stay competitive. The six apps on this list cover basic office tasks, payroll, marketing, banking, and invoicing.

1. Mobile scanning apps

Scanning and sending documents is a normal daily task for businesses. Fortunately, you no longer need a bulky scanner attached to your computer. You can scan and send documents directly from your smartphone, saving you time and helping you organize your critical documents.

If you have an iPhone, you already have basic scanning capabilities with the Notes app. However, if you need a full-featured app, SwiftScan can be a bit pricey, but it offers a variety of features, including clear scans of photos and business cards. If you don’t need those extra features, Office Lens or Adobe Scan are also great choices. After your documents are scanned, it is useful to edit PDFs online with a free PDF editor. The availability of this tool allows you to refine or correct the documents you scan.

2. Your business banking app

Almost everyone already uses online banking, but you can also access your business account from your banking app. If you haven’t already, download the app for your bank as soon as you start your career journey. You can track supplier payments and manage everything electronically. If you use the same bank for your personal account, you can access both from the same login. Centralizing your finances helps you stay organized and save time.

3. Social Media Apps

Every business needs an aggressive social media marketing strategy. You should take advantage of advertising programs on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok. Link your business accounts to apps on your phone and create a social media folder on your phone to help you stay organized. Use your professional email and logo for each account to streamline communications and promote your brand across all platforms. You can also create an email folder that organizes all social media emails in one place.

4. Business Graphic Design Application

Every entrepreneur and small business needs a brand, and one of the first things about building a brand is designing a logo. There are online tools that make logo design easy with logo templates that you can customize with free images and fonts. You can even use the software to generate social graphics, business cards, and banners with your logo. Also upload an image to use for your social media profile pictures.

5. Billing app

If your business bills with invoices, you can download the billing software directly to your phone or computer. Zoho Invoice is free and offers time and expense tracking, payment acceptance, and a portal for your customers to track their activity. Harvest is a great option for companies that charge hourly services and freelancers who need to track hours across multiple projects.

6. Payroll app

If you have employees, a payroll app is absolutely necessary for your business. Gusto is relatively inexpensive compared to other apps and gives employees access to a portal to track benefits and salaries. You’ll want to choose an app that offers options for small business payroll processing. This will make your job as a business owner easier, while making things easier for your employees.

Running a small business requires multitasking, but if you use the right apps, you can centralize everything on your smartphone or laptop. Being able to work from anywhere is especially important for freelancers and entrepreneurs, so make sure you get the most out of your apps.


Adam Taylor and his girlfriend, Sarah Noel, both quit their corporate jobs to work as freelancers, seeking a balance between the work they loved and the life they wanted. Since then, they have been on a mission to work on their own terms. They taught themselves to work smarter, not harder. They are committed to separating work and home so they can enjoy both. Now, with TaylorandNoel.com, they’re sharing their best practices with other freelancers, in hopes they can do the same.


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