About the fact that Poles are traveling more and more, I do not think you need to convince anybody. Our country’s entry into the European Union, or the appearance of low-cost airlines at Polish airports has a big impact on this. Thanks to this, we can quickly, cheaply and without unnecessary formalities cross the borders of individual countries, visit them or do shopping in them. Of course, this requires us to have the right currency or payment card. However, both solutions have some drawbacks. In the case of cash, it is easy to lose it or it can be stolen from us. In the case of a payment card, we have to take into account the costs associated with currency conversion or other fees. It is even more onerous when we often travel to several countries with different currencies. But does it mean that there is no other solution that is safe and does not expose us to costs? We can confidently say that it is. Namely, Polish banks have been offering us multi-currency cards for some time.

How does the multi-currency card work? Well, thanks to her, we can make payments in different countries, and the bank will debit our account, in the currency in which we pay. Of course, in order for such a transaction to be carried out, first of all we must have in the bank that issued us the card with foreign currency accounts, and in addition there must be a sufficient amount of funds. So when we go on a trip around Europe and we will buy a souvenir in Berlin by paying with our multi-currency card, our bank will assign this transaction to our euro currency account. When we go to Switzerland and order a dinner at a local restaurant, we pay with a card, our bank will assign this transaction to our Swiss franc account. And when we later fly to Great Britain to see Big Ben, all payments made with a multi-currency card will be assigned to our account in pounds. Of course, the condition is to have funds on individual accounts. When they are not there, the transaction is usually settled in the main currency of our account, in our case, to the zloty account.


As we can see, a multi-currency card is an extremely practical solution that we use more and more often. Of course, this is not an ideal solution, but it is definitely worth using. And why is not it perfect? The disadvantage of such a card is, for example, the fact that by choosing money from an ATM, we can expect a commission. Certainly not everyone will be satisfied that such cards “support” only the basic currencies – the euro, dollars, Swiss francs and British pounds. However, despite this, it’s worth getting a card, because we can save a lot of money, and by the way, our journey will be much safer.