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Sports memorabilia have gone digital. Sports NFTs, which can include digital trading cards, signed sports memorabilia, or video clips, continue to gain popularity. These unique digital assets fluctuate in value, much like a traditional sports card or other collectible.

Starting Thursday, November 4, 2021, Big League Impact will offer anyone who donates $ 100 or more directly to an official NFT commemorating Wainwright’s 2,000th strikeout. The physical piece that inspired the NFTs was created by Steven Walden, a renowned sports artist from St. Louis. It was signed and commemorated by Wainwright as his 2,000th official batting coin.

Once the 96-hour early access window closes, all remaining NFTs will be available for purchase on the AVrts NFTHub.Kred site starting Monday, November 8.

Big League Impact was created by Wainwright and his brother in 2013 to combine their love of fantasy football with a passion for giving back. Since then, the organization has grown considerably, but its mission remains the same: fight against poverty through the sports platform.

“The work we do with Big League Impact has affected and impacted millions of people in the United States and around the world,” said Wainwright. “We are always looking for ways to fundraise effectively and efficiently to support causes that are important to players. These NFTs were obvious to us because this series will be dedicated to the impact on and off the pitch, and has already had an impact in Haiti and New Orleans.

Thursday’s drop represents the Genesis Drop for Walden, who has raised nearly $ 500,000 for various charities over the past five years.

“Helping others with my art has been one of my missions since I decided to follow the art path as a career, and being able to raise funds for Adam and Big League Impact is particularly close to my heart, because they have been there. from day one, ”says Walden. “I can’t think of a more fitting way for my Genesis Drop into the world of NFT than to do it for the person and organization who played such a big role in launching my career.”

In September, AVrts artist Frenchy painted a live image of Wainwright as the Cardinals won their 17th straight game. This coin was raffled and raised $ 17,000 to help those affected by Hurricane Ida and the earthquake in Haiti. The NFT version of this coin will be removed as the next coin in the collection.


Instagram and Twitter: @stevenwalden

Steven Walden is a St. Louis-based artist who specializes in sports and pop culture. Steven has created commissioned work for various private collectors, professional sports franchises, and celebrities. Steven has worked alongside and who own or have exhibited his art include President Bill Clinton, Jon Hamm, Yadier Molina, Cal Ripken, Jr., Kurt Warner, Brett Hull, Ryne Sandberg, Reggie Jackson and many more. In order to fulfill his desire to help others and to create art, nearly half a million dollars were auctioned at various auctions and charity events. Steven and his work have been featured in local and national media including affiliates of NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox,, and

Big League Impact, Inc. is a non-profit organization that partners with professional athletes through unique, sport-related fundraising platforms to help people meet basic human needs such as food, clean water, medical care, shelter and education to save lives, restore dignity and instill hope. Started by St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright in 2013 as a fundraiser for fantasy football, Big League Impact has grown from coast to coast, working with 80 MLB players and raising over $ 5.8 million for causes around the world.

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Launched by tech veterans Raymond St. Martin, Kwasi Asare, Kai Schneider and Ben Wen, as a way to give back to their communities by leveraging their marketing knowledge and digital assets to empower physical artists and athletes to ‘make an impact for the causes they care about.

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