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90 Day Fiancée: The Other Way star Alina dreams of becoming a digital artist with a degree in marketing. Steven’s girlfriend collects $ 5,000 for it.

Russian 90 day fiancé: the other way star Alina is asking her fans for donations on Instagram after revealing she faced a lot of uncertainty because of Steven Johnston. Steven, 25, met Alina, 21, on a language exchange app and met for two weeks in person. The 90 day fiancé The couple then dated for a year until Steven and Alina decided to move to Turkey to get married. Alina, a student of Asian politics and Chinese language, decided to become a Mormon and took a year off from college for Steven, adding a break in his promising career. Steven, on the other hand, was only disingenuous in lying about being a virgin and cheating on Alina by dating her.

Episode 7 of 90 day fiancé: the other way saw Steven tell Alina that he had dated over a hundred women and had intimate relationships with at least two dozen. Steven had also had sex with “four or five”Of them, and one of those encounters happened after he and Alina started dating. Alina was baffled by Steven’s confessions and his inability to abide by the rules of his religion, though she still doubted his real intentions. Still, it seemed like Alina had seen a side of Steven that 90 day fiancé fans couldn’t since she sacrificed her family, friends and career in Novosibirsk for a man who isn’t even ready to marry her. Of all the hypocritical behavior Steven exhibited on Sunday night 90 day fiancé: the other way, asking Alina if she drank his tasting wine while he recounted his scandalous affairs was truly unsettling.

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Alina replied curtly, asking him: “Did you just sleep with other girls?”But it seems she is still bitter about the wine incident. After the episode aired, Alina shared a fundraising link for buy coffee with his Instagram followers titled “Buy Alina – 90 day fiancée a wine (Steven won’t be used to it).“While it might have been a joke, Alina revealed that she dreams of becoming a full-time digital artist and digital marketer, and”Since I left my university studies for steVen” she has had “face a lot of uncertainties.Makeup and body art enthusiast Alina is trying to raise $ 5,000, starting at $ 5.

Alina Steven Money Wine Coffee in 90 Day Fiancé

Calling her choice to marry Steven as “risky decision”Alina admitted that she is trying to make the most of what she has now. “I am currently enrolled in a preparatory program at BYU for Social Media Marketing, explained Alina. After completing the program, Alina wishes to enroll in a “Full-time accredited American university”For his degree in marketing. But Alina also makes sure that her family doesn’t suffer from her bad decision. According to her, in Russia it is a custom for children to take care of their parents as they grow older. As Alina is an only child, she understands the responsibility of taking care of her mother and father and therefore wants her fans to actively support her by purchasing her artwork and help her continue “meritorious educational and professional goals.

Fans, however, are unsure why Alina is asking for the money, given that she is currently spending a fancy vacation with her mother Anna in Crete, Greece. While it was thought that Alina might have broken up after all of these horrific confessions from Steven, a leaked fan photo also revealed that Steven was accompanying her on vacation. Alina seems to have disappointed many by choosing to ignore the bright red flags displayed by Steven on 90 day fiancé: the other way. Yet even if Steven and Alina are definitely together after the show ends, TLC viewers will be anxious to find out why.

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