Amazon app will no longer support purchasing ebooks in June



Good e-Reader has new information regarding Amazon suspending the ability to purchase Kindle books overall Amazon Shopping App for Android. The Amazon app no ​​longer supports the purchase of Kindle books and audiobooks. However, at the time of writing, the Kindle app for Android continues to support purchasing Kindle books for the foreseeable future. Amazon confirmed this to us earlier today. There was a lot of speculation around mainstream media on which exact version of Amazon branded apps would stop supporting digital content and it’s now 100% obvious that users who buy books with the Amazon Shopping app cannot purchase Kindle books or audiobooks. The Kindle app, which everyone uses, is safe for now and will continue to offer eBook purchases.

Audible, owned by Amazon, stopped selling individual audiobooks through its Google Play Android app a few weeks ago. This will prevent anyone from purchasing audio titles individually. However, Audible is still selling subscriptions through the app and will continue to offer credits to outgoing members. Around the same time Audible announced its new policy change, Barnes and Noble announced that they would no longer do business with Google at all. They have stopped offering audiobooks, e-books, or subscription purchases through their flagship Nook app. This not only affects users who downloaded the app to their smartphones, but also people who purchased a Nook tablet.

Why did Amazon, Audible and B&N move their in-app purchases? Late last year, the company announced that it would require everyone who sells in-app content in their apps to use Google Billing. Google said that apps that do not adhere to this new policy, would in fact be removed from the platform, so that no one can download their apps anymore. It’s really annoying for users, I know a lot of serious readers who have adopted the Android ecosystem on their phones, tablets or e-readers, just to be able to buy things.

One of the positives of this new policy change from Google is that some of the largest e-bookstores will continue to offer e-book sales. This not only includes the Kindle app for Android, but also Kobo. Kobo has confirmed to Good e-Reader that it will continue to offer Kobo audiobooks, books, manga and subscriptions for its unlimited subscription program. How long will this last? Google taking a 30% discount on every book sold isn’t really sustainable and it’s the main reason why all the major online bookstores ran away from Apple and their iOS platform when they told everyone to use their own billing system and also took a 30% discount. So why are Amazon and Kobo willing to pay a 30% discount on Android and not iOS? That’s a topic for another day.


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