Artist calls for overhaul of arts education in Nigeria


One of Nigeria’s contemporary artists, Mazi Dennis Mazi, said that Nigeria’s arts education system should strive to keep abreast of the world’s digital and technological innovations.

“Our basic schools, even up to universities, lack current tools that facilitate bottom-up and expansive arts education in the digital age. Nigerian universities still use a pre-colonial work pattern to teach learners today .

“Imagine using typewriters from 1980 to connect or share data across the world today! The potholes of incessant strikes in our various schools today have left a lot of cause for concern in the education of our next generation of artists and creatives, but also Nigerian children in general,” said said the author.

He said the government is not doing enough to ensure that students who cannot afford to travel abroad for their education get the best form of education in the country, “Nigeria is divided between wealthy politicians, who send their children abroad for a better education, wealthy business people, who can afford expensive private schools for their wards, and very poor people who crowd public schools who are both in infrastructural and intellectual decay.The way Nigerian schools and education have been left to fend for themselves has sponsored the expectation that the only place good things can come from is overseas.

He said that the government must be prepared to address the problem that has come to pierce the good education of its citizens: “Our government should by no means take the higher education of its young people for granted, for that would amount to creating a generation of backward people. , for a life of bondage, slavery and hardship amidst vast blessings of God and nature in our midst.


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