Artist Drowsy successfully experiments with various genres on his wonderful musical journey


Drowsy started making music just for entertainment and because he was interested in it. But he has come a long way since then. His latest album, Certified Cyberboy, is in the works and the first song will be released in September. Drowsy is a multi-talented artist. Besides being an excellent musician, rapper, DJ, sound engineer, producer and composer. Looking at the work he has done, it is clear that he is having a huge impact on the electronic music field.

Along with his fan base, Drowsy has always had a great appreciation for the electronic music genre. As Drowsy points out, “Certified Cyberboy will contain genres like Hyperpop, Scenecore, Hip-Hop, among others. For most of the electronic music that impacted this album, Drowsy only started recording after he had simply made music for fun and entertainment. Drowsy came to the conclusion that he wanted to take music seriously because of the pleasure and satisfaction music gave him. In order to pursue audio engineering, he studied at an art school.

However, he only started releasing songs under the name Drowsy in 2020. On November 1, 2020, he released his first song, “I Wanna”, and in June this year, he released his first. album and music video. . Drowsy has successfully experimented with various sounds and genres during his wonderful musical journey to produce music that sets him apart from other musicians. His music particularly calms fans of experimental and alternative hip-hop. There are millions of Drowsy admirers around the world and his music is highly regarded.

“My only goal is to make music that can have a positive impact on someone’s life. It doesn’t matter how many people I reach, as long as I can make a difference in someone’s life with my art, I’m happy. Drowsy talks about his goals of making music. “Do what you love unconditionally, everything else will come naturally after.” He said recently.

Drowsy intends to release more DJ mixes on his Soundcloud and YouTube channels in addition to his upcoming music album. Drowsy’s musical creations can be listened to on streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotifyand you can also listen to his DJ mixes on Soundcloud and Youtube. People can also connect with him on Twitter and instagram.

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Jonathan Joseph Williams whose stage name is Drowsy is a musical artist in short. He is also a music engineer and DJ artist. Drowsy currently resides in Los Angeles, California. His new single will be available along with all his other music on all streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc.

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