Award-winning artist Lex Lumiere has released three therapeutic art pocket coloring books


Award-winning artist, Lex Lumere has released three new therapeutic art pocket coloring books for children or teens suffering from PTSD due to the pandemic.

The three books include: MAGIC The Black Lab Puppy, KHRISTIAN The Calico Kitty and TINK the tapping chihuahua. Therapeutic arts coloring books are a great way to work through your trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. According to available statistics, there is a significant and remarkable increase in the prevalence of PTSD from a pre-pandemic level of 1.7% to 13% among children/adolescents during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown.

That’s why Lex Lumere created these 3 masterpieces, to bring relief to children or teens suffering from PTSD due to pandemic, trauma, school shootings and violence.

There is an inherent therapeutic health benefit to coloring books. Although coloring and the therapeutic arts are not quite the same thing, coloring offers a multitude of mental benefits. Coloring certainly has therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety, create focus or bring [about] more mindfulness. In addition, therapeutic art allows us to process emotions, explore choices and resolve conflicts through creativity.

Lex Lumere’s coloring books are used as an icebreaker between parent and child, teachers and students to overcome life’s difficulties in a healthy way. Each of Lex Lumière’s coloring books follows a story about an animal, which leads to a creative opening for a sure way to vent and release all pent up emotions to help someone heal their life.

Speaking of the books, Lex Lumere said, “These coloring books can help children, teens and teens, crime survivors, veterans, or anyone looking for a safe space to work through their trauma. and their PTSD in order to develop a healing mindset, improve their communication skills and strengthen their coping skills to achieve their goals.

Lex Lumere is an award-winning commercial photographer and painter. After a head-on collision with a DUI driver the day after Thanksgiving in 2015, she went into integrative medicine and has a state license in a nursing field and is nationally certified, with a focus on PTSD and recovery from trauma due to six months of physical rehabilitation. and his own healing journey. It was there that she honed the skills she brought to the therapeutic art coloring pocket book project.

To buy Lex Lumere’s amazing books, check her out amazon page and is about the therapeutic artwork she has to offer

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