Check | Artist’s creation shared as a video of “Hurricane Shaheen” in Oman and photographed from Burj Khalifa


When we searched for ‘Shaheen’ we found it to be a cyclone, not a hurricane. Although a cyclone is the same as a hurricane or a typhoon; their names change only because of their place.

Additionally, Oman is a country whose capital is Muscat, while Burj Khalifa is in Dubai, which is located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Then, with the help of InVid, we extracted several keyframes from the video and performed reverse image search on some of them.

One of the results on TinEye took us to an article on Imgur, an image-sharing website, where the video was posted on September 3, 2019.

A die comments in the video said, “It’s Miami, but it’s not real either. The artist is Brent Shavnore and does a bunch of fake weather mashup stuff like this.”

We searched for artist Brent Shavnore on Instagram and found the video posted to his account on May 20, 2019. His account describes him as an artist.

His Facebook The page mentions that he is a “digital artist specializing in digital restorations, dreamscapes, seascapes”.

We found the video posted in 2019 and the caption read, “Amazing animation edit on my artwork from @ theglitch.og.”

Obviously, a digital artwork is falsely shared as a visual of “Hurricane Shaheen” as seen from Burj Khalifa, Dubai.


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