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Photo: provided by CMOA

Polygon Maker Chair by Joris Laarman, Ordinary extraordinary things At CMOA

Recent visitors to the Carnegie Museum of Art may have noticed a closed section with a sign promising new exhibit. These areas will reopen when the museum is announced Ordinary extraordinary things, Decorative arts showcase.

On Saturday July 24, CMOA will inaugurate a new exhibition. The press release features more than 300 objects from 21 designers, studios and companies, including 150 recent acquisitions. His works range from “exciting and extraordinary to practical and everyday”.

“”Ordinary extraordinary things Celebrating the beauty of design and enjoying the familiarity of distinctive objects, it encourages visitors to reflect on their relationship to material things, ”said Alan G. Rachel Delphia and Decorative Arts at CMOA. Design curator Jane A. Lehman says. Delphia organized the exhibition with Alyssa Velazquez, assistant curator of decorative arts and design.

Located in the 8,000 square foot Ailsa Mellon Bruce Galleries. Ordinary extraordinary things This is the first significant update to the museum’s gallery since 2009.

The new show is described as straddling “some of the most important design developments of the past three centuries,” including the revival of modernism and craftsmanship, and the advent of digital design.

Unlike other forms of visual art, decorative art refers to works that are both aesthetic and functional, such as furniture, tableware, lamps, and other common items. The term was coined to question the strict distinction between acclaimed art and inferior art. Ornamental works are often classified as these. It also emphasizes the role of craftsmanship as decorators develop specialized skills in working with clay, metal, wood, textiles and other materials to make their work available. .

Unlike art which favors exclusivity, decorative arts can also apply to works produced in series.

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Photo: provided by CMOA

Part of a pretzel wall clock, designed by George Nelson for Howard Miller Clock Company Ordinary extraordinary things At CMOA

CMOA believes Ordinary extraordinary things “The shelter was set up during the COVID-19 pandemic, which made the relationship between many people and their homes and the things they contain more important and meaningful. Art and design professionals and the retail industry are already aware of this, and many are paying attention to how interiors change, as people spend more time at home than in the office or moving. .. June 2020, Forbes Reported that the retailer has seen a significant increase when Americans buy household items. In particular, “festival” tableware is home office furniture, as people cook and eat more.

The article says that by spending more time indoors, shoppers “tend to ‘fit in’ to rethink interior design and shift their surroundings to improve comfort, cleanliness, or fun aesthetics. I have come to accept. ”

Especially especially Ordinary extraordinary thingsPeople don’t just buy ornaments, but make them. Boredom and coming home became passionate, and many turned to entertainments such as crochet and knitting. Even celebrities have most surprisingly joined comedy actors Seth Rogen.

In this new era, CMOA Ordinary extraordinary things As a space that offers “inspiration and endless possibilities for functional design for visitors to learn, think and have fun, especially at home”. The museum also plans to organize workshops, conferences, tours, public programs and collaborations related to the exhibition.

“Welcome visitors to the Alisa Melon Bruce gallery, how these objects enhance our lives with functionality, add fun and agility through technology, and with beauty and personal connection with me. We look forward to explore what inspires and inspires us, ”says Delphia.

CMOA gives decorative arts their duty in exhibiting extraordinary new ordinary things | Visual arts | Pittsburgh

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