Colorado Now Guarantees Abortion Rights in State Law – Twin Cities


Access to abortion without government interference is now guaranteed in Colorado law after Governor Jared Polis signed a bill enshrining the right on Monday.

The Democratic governor signed HB22-1279arguing that Coloradans who want reproductive care, including abortions, will be able to obtain it in the state whether or not the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

“In Colorado, we really respect individual rights and freedoms,” Polis said.

Speaking ahead of the signing, House Majority Leader Daneya Esgar, a Democrat from Pueblo, referenced the 24 hours of House debate it took to pass the bill.

“It’s more important than ever to protect women and people who choose to be pregnant or choose not to be pregnant statewide,” Esgar said.

the bill passed by Colorado legislature last month in a party-line vote, Democrats, who control both houses, voted in favor of the bill. Each hearing on the bill has sparked hours of debate and strong Republican opposition.

Colorado joins 15 other states and the District of Columbia who codified abortion into law with the signing of the Reproductive Health Equity Act.

The legislation guarantees the right to abortion and other reproductive care before and after pregnancy, and it would prohibit local and state governments from interfering with such care. It would also prevent a fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus from having independent rights under state law.

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