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Indore: After smart lessons, the Directorate of Higher Education (DHE) has planned digital studios in 200 government colleges across the state.
The digital studios will be used for recording and editing content during the implementation phase and then will be used for conducting virtual classes.
This studio will also make it possible to conduct 10 parallel courses for the intended recipients. It will be an 80-seat classroom and will be implemented in 200 designated government colleges to provide uninterrupted education to students while handling administrative communication throughout the year.
The implementation of the digital studio is being considered at the division headquarters, where 10 central studios would be set up in the main colleges of the district headquarters, said Higher Education Commissioner Deepak Singh.
“This studio will provide facilities to record digital content, edit to make teaching more effective outside of class,” he added.
College faculty members will be trained to deliver the desired results for electronic content registration. The implementation will be on a turnkey basis where the agency will be selected to set up the central digital studios.
The digital content would be uploaded to the Learning Management System (LMS). It will also be offered through a mobile app so that students can access the content anytime and anywhere. It will also offer a lightweight mobile app so that students can use it easily.
Each subject will be included a synchronous chat room for students. In addition to being user-friendly, good virtual classrooms incorporate collaboration tools that engage students in active learning.
Classroom will have built-in collaboration tools that will engage students in active learning. It will be implemented with state-of-the-art intelligent interactive solution, high-end camera, laptop and electronic contents. TNN

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