Display Social acquires the patents and intellectual property of Lookwithus.com


“We are unleashing the immense power of collaboration and enabling a fundamental transformation in the way people communicate, share content and create value,” said John acunto, co-founder and CEO of Display Social. “This is a critically important step in our shared journey towards a new form of social commerce in which innovators and influencers at all levels of the economy can directly benefit from their creativity, passion and their energy. It’s exciting and exciting! “

“Since we started our journey, we’ve been looking for a vehicle that encompassed community and meta-first strategy for social collaboration on anything and everything digital,” said Marc Smith, CEO of LookWithUs.com. “We were looking for a company with a vision and roadmap that matches our own and that provides a next-generation platform to deliver that vision. We found it in Display Social. We are excited to join an amazing team of innovators who can leverage and evolve our technology and we look forward to seeing our intellectual property and our very powerful tools integrated into the entire Display Social platform. “

The Metaverse’s abilities will prove to be a blow to Display, as creators and brands can interact with each other. IP provides the tools that help creators and marketers generate interactive virtual microsites and distribute them over the Internet through simple hyperlinks. These can then be integrated into websites, used on all social media platforms, used through email campaigns, for blogs, NFTs, trade links, coupons and even in other areas. of the metaverse itself, allowing Display to play a role in everyone’s digital journey. .

As content creators increasingly expect social media platforms to treat them fairly, Display differentiates itself by rewarding creators based on ad revenue and affiliate revenue. Display gives creators built-in tools to improve creative processes to develop and engage their audience. For more information, visit displaysocial.com or download the Display Social app through Apple® App Store® for iOS devices and Google Play® for Android® devices.

About the Display Network
Display Social is a venture capital-backed social commerce media platform that takes the social networking experience to the next level with one simple engagement: Display believes that creators should be financially rewarded for the quality content they produce. With Display’s commerce feature, creators can tag items in their post, allowing users to buy at the point of discovery, while the creator gets paid for inspiring that transaction. When advertisers pay for Display, creators receive 50% on the ad revenue generated by their content, and nonprofit users receive a 100% payout rate on support ads. Every day, Display members earn real money based on ad revenue and affiliate commissions. With display, your posts promise not only a goal… but also a profit. Instagram Facebook Twitter Youtube displaysocial.com

About LookWithUs.com, Inc.
LookWithUs.com was founded by a team of people with expertise in the technology and media industries. The patented LookWithUs.com software was born out of the desire to create a modern, social and web-based communication platform, and its vision broadened as its value to social communities was identified. The company is based in Los Angeles, California.

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