Dragon Ball’s Beast Gohan Gets An Epic Transformation In New Fan Animation


In the popular world of manga and anime of dragonball, Gohan eventually returned to a characterization that sees him as the badass, overpowered Z-Fighter that he truly is. And now, with a new fan animation by viral digital artist, Bosslogic, Gohan’s latest form, dubbed “Beast” Gohan, gets the epic transformation sequence he deserves!

Shared on Instagram by Bosslogic (@bosslogic), this content creator is all about uploading digital art that spans the gamut of the pop culture spectrum. Posting character images from Marvel, DC Comics, a number of popular movies, TV shows, anime and manga series, and even some sports-related pieces, the latter dragonball animated fan art sees Bosslogic teaming up with username @konceptochannel and @just.jerometwo creative minds that Bosslogic has worked with before.


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Acting as the most recent transformation for this fan favorite dragonball hero, gohan’s beast form was created this year Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes movie, where he and his surrogate father, Piccolo, return to the spotlight after playing second fiddle to the near-omnipotent Goku and Vegeta for a while. And while it can’t be denied, Beast Gohan has an epic new look and power level that effectively places him closer to the ultimate power of Goku, her actual transformation sequence in the film was a bit quick and underwhelming for some. Luckily for fans, Bosslogic fixes this evil in a way that gives Gohan the buildup and gain his Beast form deserves, with awesome animation that takes things to the next level!

Gohan goes into beast mode with this epic animation

Beginning the video by overlaying a few well-placed audio clips of Gohan pulled straight from the anime, Bosslogic and his creative collaborators use dark, red-orange hues to show off their skills in the illustration and animation department. Backed by an epic movie trailer, Bosslogic quickly cuts between a few versions of Gohan (his pre-Super Saiyan 2 look even makes an appearance) as it lights up in tandem with the music and puffy sound clips. Eventually cutting to a shot of Gohan rising from a crouched position against the backdrop of a blood-red full moon, the video climaxes with Gohan unleashing a wave of immense energy similar to that used in the film, ultimately culminating in a brilliant flash. and a giant explosion that reveals his true power. Quickly cutting to a few earlier shots of the video, Bosslogic shows Gohan about to use Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon move, eventually settling on Beast Gohan’s floating form, silver hair, and eyes. bright reds while the rest of the image fades to black.

Regardless of what fans might think of how Gohan’s beast form was handled in the film, this fanart animation does him justice in a way that only Bosslogic (@bosslogic) and his creative pals can. Gohan go into beast mode on Cell Max is a transformation that immediately became one of the dragonballis the best, and now he has a viral clip that lives up to his name!

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