Dylan O’Brien dresses up as Nightwing in jaw-dropping new image


This stunning image of Dylan O’Brien as BossLogic’s Nightwing shows exactly why fans want to see him in Batgirl.

The internet is talking about Nightwing again. The popular DC Comics character is a regular source of conversation on social media, with fans discussing his adventurous fighting style, wanting to see that once teased DCEU movie, or Brenton Thwaites’ impressive portrayal in Titans.

This time, however, the conversation is about whether or not he might appear in the next HBO Max movie. bat girl.

Rumors have been making their way around the internet in recent weeks suggesting that Warner Bros. cast Dylan O’Brien as the hero of Dick Grayson and that he could make his first appearance in bat girl. O’Brien is a fan-favorite choice to play the role and a widely adored performer, so naturally, it all added up to the Nightwing love fest online.

Now, digital artist BossLogic has weighed in on the discussion, using his own incredible artwork to prove exactly why fans yearn to see O’Brien in the role.

Incredible fanart image features Dylan O’Brien as Nightwing

BossLogic took to social media to share his thoughts on whether or not Dylan O’Brien should appear as Nightwing in the DCEU. Assignment an amazing piece of his own work of art on Twitter, he simply captioned it “Make it happen”.

The artwork features O’Brien in the Nightwing costume, sporting a mask not too dissimilar to the one we’ve seen Chris O’Donnell’s Robin wear. batman and robin. It also features a gun with Red Hood’s reflection on it.

Although it’s still unclear if we’ll ever see Nightwing or Red Hood appear in the DCEU let alone bat girl, this epic work certainly has fans excited to see either one.

Does Dylan O’Brien play Nightwing in Batgirl?

Although there is no official confirmation that Nightwing will appear in bat girl however, his presence in the HBO Max movie has been rumored for some time now. However, there has been rumors it not only suggests that Nightwing will feature, but that he could be played by Dylan O’Brien – rumors that gained a lot of traction whenever fans found out the actor was following Batgirl herself, Leslie Grace, on Twitter.

Of course, it’s best to take these rumors with a grain of salt until there’s some sort of official confirmation from Warner Bros., but the possibility that the Teen Wolf star playing the role is certainly thrilling. If he appears, however, it would likely reunite him with american assassin co-star Michael Keaton, who reprises his iconic DC role as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the film.

While waiting to see if that turns out to be true, it would be a monumental cast if it brought Dick Grayson to life. Not only would this allow us to see one of the most sought-after fan casts come to life on the big screen, but it would also confirm that O’Brien is the DCEU’s Nightwing, paving the way for future appearances in other projects. – maybe even long-awaited night wing movie.

Would you like to see Dylan O’Brien play Nightwing in bat girl? Let us know in the comments below!


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