EA opens patents for some of its accessibility technologies


Electronic Arts is committed to opening patents for some of its accessibility-related technologies, including the very famous Apex Legends ping, the company announced today. EA has said it will not pursue infringement lawsuits against individuals or companies for using technology covered by the patents listed in the pledge.

Apex Legends’ ping system, which allows people to play the game as a team without hearing or speaking, has been hailed as both an impressive alternative to voice chat and a great one. accessibility function for players with a variety of disabilities. A patent that covers the system (11,097,189 United States) was posted on the same day EA announced the engagement.

Along with the patent for the ping system, EA is opening patents for the technology it uses in Madden and FIFA to make them more accessible to people who are color blind and visually impaired. The technology includes automated systems to improve visibility by detecting and changing colors (10 118 097 United States) and contrast ratios (10 878 540 United States).

The Tampa Bay game call screen in Madden NFL 21 with color blindness settings set to deuteranopia, simulated as seen by a person with red-green color blindness.
Image: Electronic Arts

The pledge also includes a patent for “custom sound technology” (10 878 540 United States) which will modify or create music for people based on their listening preferences and hearing level, although EA says the technology has yet to be developed.

In addition to opening up some of its patents, EA is open source code that helps solve brightness, contrast, and color blindness issues in digital content. Developers can find the code on GitHub and adapt or develop it for their own games.

“We hope that developers get the most out of these patents and encourage those with the resources, innovation and creativity to do as we do by making their own commitments to prioritize accessibility,” said Chris Bruzzo. , Executive Vice President of Positive Play, Commercial and Marketing. A tea. “We welcome working with others on how we move the industry forward together. “

EA says it plans to add patents for future technologies related to accessibility to engagement, as well as opening up more of its technologies.

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