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Felipe Pantone is involved in many disparate projects. From the transformation of airplanes and sports cars to a mesmerizing audience through paintings, sculptures and hypnotic NFTs. More than just alluring works of art, Pantone explores how humanity consumes information – a sort of synthesis between the analog methods of our past and the digital realms of the future.

In a new exhibition at the Danysz gallery in Paris, the Argentinian-Spanish artist collaborated with the designer, Pablo Limon on a project called “Casa Variable”. Limón gives form to function through objects and interiors designed in a brutalist spirit. The two designers met in New York and immediately knew they shared a similar passion for contemporary art, design and architecture.

The collection of works on display, which includes lamps, chairs, paintings, rugs, chandeliers and even concept sketches for a house and pool, invites the public not only to see the art but to live in it. “The challenge”, according to Limón, “was to figure out how to make Felipe’s world and vision into something functional and real.” “Casa Variable” is a fascinating symbiosis between art and design and will be on display at Galerie Danysz until November 27.

Also performing in the art world, Sotheby’s has launched a digital art platform called Metaverse.

Danysz Gallery
78 Rue Amelot
Paris 75011


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