Football star Lionel Messi’s NFT collection coming soon to Ethernity Chain


Football sensation Lionel Messi is stepping into the world of NFT. Messi has teamed up with popular Australia-based digital artist Bosslogic to launch his NFT collection on Metaverse.

Sports industry giants and popular personalities have started to enter the NFT market. Football sensation and Argentinian Lionel Messi has teamed up with Ethernity Chain to launch his own NFT Messiverse collection.

The announcement came on Tuesday, August 4, through a short video on his Instagram profile. Messi invited his audience to “discover his first collection of NFT on Ethernity”. He added: “Football is like art: it is timeless”.

As part of the plan, Messiverse will initially have an NFT collection of four works of art, each representing itself.

  1. Man from the Future – This NFT is a futuristic depiction of Messi shot against the blue background having a robotic appearance and glowing eyes.
  2. Worth the Weight – This NFT also depicts Golden Messi carrying a huge soccer ball just like Atlas carried Earth.
  3. The King Piece – A chess-themed design showing Messi framed by a ring of soccer balls.
  4. It’s a surprise and an undisclosed piece.

Australian digital artist “Bosslogic” is the originator of the Messiverse’s NFT collection. The digital artist is popular on social media for working with the world’s biggest brands like Disney and Marvel. The digital artist noted:

“The collection is a set of pieces describing achievements, moments, love for the team and future achievements with a primary focus on the man himself. Thanks to Ethernity, the dream of working with one of my favorite people in the world and one of the GOATs of our time, Messi, I had the honor and privilege to create a set of parts for the icon; to make history as his first NFT drop singular! ”

The launch of Messirverse will take place before this month, August 20.

A deep dive into each of the four NFTs in Messi’s NFT collection

The first NFT ‘Man from the Future’ will feature Messi in AI bionic form. It features the iconic achievement of 750 combined goals for Argentina and Barcelona. Bosslogic will represent the 34-year-old footballer by imagining him in the cyber football leagues of tomorrow.

In addition, the second NFT “Worth the Weight” compares Atlas bearing the weight of the Earth. Thus, this represents Messi’s contribution to the football played both for his country and for the club. It also shows that the footballer has taken responsibility for leading his teams to victory in the face of major challenges.

Likewise, the third NFT “The King Piece” is named after the popular chess game famous in the Middle Ages. Here, Messi represents the king of the board, the piece that also determines the winners and losers of the game.

With Messi’s collaboration, Ethernity will also get a big boost in the crypto space. After the news, the price of the Ethernity Channel (ERN) climbed 45% in value.

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