For Funding His Legal Case, ‘Fearless Girl’ Artist Sells NFTs


Kristen Visbal, the artist behind the Fearless Girl statue, is famous for battling Wall Street’s iconic Charging Bull since 2019. Visbal is waging a legal battle against the company that originally funded the installation .

As part of a marketing campaign, McCann, an advertising agency, commissioned the sculpture for State Street Global Advisors, an asset management firm, which paid for the production costs entirely.

On International Women’s Day in 2017, right after the sculpture was installed, it immediately went viral. This week, Visbal premiered 25 additional editions of the work, each costing $250,000. The artist was making unauthorized copies in violation of his trademark, State Street argued.

Visbal creates an NFT as a method to raise money for his legal fees, which cost around $3.3 million, and to promote the statue’s feminist message.

Visbal was heard to say that the trial essentially ruined his life.

Additionally, Visbal said she was “a fearless girl in every sense of the name, not just in my trial.” She also revealed that she is making efforts to build these NFTs into a community that she is just starting to be a part of and really enjoying.

Tilted “Superstar”, the Fearless Girl NFT drop will be released in stages. The Drop is the result of a collaboration with 9fix, a digital art house.

Fearless Girl is depicted as a high-speed comet in a microfilm (less than two minutes) called Superstar.

In an edition of five, the digital art cost is 3.05 ETH ($7,500). Visbal also auctions Superstar clips on OpenSea. Last week, the first of five segments was released.

A shorter animation called “Interstellar Collection”, featuring a 22-inch Fearless Girl bronze miniature, sold in an edition of 125 for 3.65 ETH ($9,000).

Visbal hopes that the NFT collection will give her the opportunity to relaunch the message of Fearless Girl. She says the ideas behind Fearless Girl through a corporate branding message are completely ruined.

State Street’s intention was to promote its SHE Gender Diversity Index through sculpture via an exchange-traded fund that invests in women-led businesses.

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