GOOD NEWS! Get INSTANT sanction letter for student loan up to Rs 1 crore with ICICI Bank – check main benefits here


ICICI Bank Instant Education Loan: The dream of pursuing higher education is no longer a problem. A client of ICICI Bank can get an instant sanction letter for a student loan up to Rs 1 crore against his fixed deposit in a completely hassle-free manner. One can also get more details on the student loan by logging on to the official website of ICICI Bank at

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ICICI bank in a recent tweet mentioned getting a hassle-free online education loan. The tweet read, “Make your graduate school dreams come true with #ICICIBank. Get an instant sanction letter for a student loan up to 1 crore against your fixed deposit completely digital and hassle-free with #ICICIBankInstaEduLoan. Learn more more here: ”

This facility provided by ICICI bank considerably improves the comfort of customers as they no longer have to go to a branch several times to obtain their letter of sanction. Now they can generate the final sanction letter themselves with just a few clicks through the bank’s digital channels, such as Internet banking.

According to the ICICI Bank website, the main advantages of the loan are as follows:

1) Instant Pre-Approved Sanction: Clients have access to an instant sanction letter online from the comfort of their own homes for their pre-approved student loan.

2) Unsecured loan amount: Unsecured loan amount up to Rs 50 Lakhs

3) Tax Advantages: The education loan has a tax advantage under the SEC (80E) for the full interest paid (100%), with no upper limit. This advantage lowers the effective interest rate.

4) Wide range of loan amount: The minimum loan amount is Rs. 1 lakh for international and domestic education loans. The maximum loan amount is Rs. 1 crore for international and Rs. 50 lakh for the home education loan.

5) Ease of Application: Customers can apply for a student loan through the Bank’s online banking services with just a few clicks.

6) Turnaround Time: This instant setup reduces the student loan sanction timeframe from days to minutes

For more details, one can connect to the official website of ICICI Bank at


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