GTA 6? Not enough. But this artist’s NFT might be the next best thing


As Rockstar drags its heels on GTA 6, Stephen Bliss, the illustrator behind Grand Theft Auto’s iconic art style, is back with an NFT project that promises more of his gritty character designs and a new video game. Welcome to Fear City.

What is NTFS? Non-fungible tokens are the way to save digital files on a blockchain to create scarcity. An NFT crash has led some to discuss the future of this technology, with many starting to prioritize projects such as Fear City which have utility. In my interview with Tina Ziegler, she talks about it.

Over the past 20 years, Bliss’ art style has become synonymous with GTA, one of the most successful video games ever released. city ​​of fear is the artist celebrating two decades of his art and New York, the city he loves. Bliss’ NFT’s vision goes beyond its fantasy art, comprised of 9,999 unique avatars, and will include a dedicated soundtrack, an iconic streetwear fashion line, and a planned video game.

An illustration of a punk woman holding a record

Gamers and art lovers will recognize Stephen Bliss’ artwork, and now you can own one (Image credit: Stephen Bliss)

Facets of Bliss’ Fear City will live virtually on the blockchain and in the metaverse in a planned video game. Owners of this NFT will also be invited to exclusive real-life events and have the opportunity to purchase collectible apparel, both digital and physical.

It’s this wider use of the Fear City NFT that’s grabbing attention. You’re not just buying into a jpeg of a funny monkey, instead, Bliss envisions a whole ecosystem of uses for this non-fungible token and loads the plans upstream. Below, you can check out some of the benefits of owning a Fear City NFT.

Fear City NFT: The Roadmap

  • Fear City’s 9,999 avatars are inspired by six key characters; a comic strip will be offered to the owners to flesh out the background of the cast.
  • With over 250 traits that Bliss has created over the past 20 years, there’s a GTA meets New York vibe to this art collection.
  • Iconic Streetwear Fashion Line: sneakerhead aka Jeff Staple, the acclaimed designer and behind Staple Pigeon & Stapleverese curated physical and digital streetwear.
  • A dedicated Solomon Sounds music album from Capitol Records. The artists curated a soundtrack inspired by the characters and the larger world of Fear City.
  • New York Mural: Bliss and INSA designed a mural incorporating elements of Fear City on Mott St. in SoHo, New York. The mural comes alive in augmented reality through the lens of smartphones, revealing a surprise message.

An illustration of a woman against the American flag

Much like GTA, the Fear City NFT seems to explore themes of the American Dream (Image credit: Stephen Bliss)

Usually we’d raise a curious eyebrow at something as ambitious as the Fear City NFT project, but Bliss has been around long enough to understand the pressure of this process. Bliss considers Fear City “the pinnacle of his career”, according to a statement. Quite a boaster considering GTA and Bliss’ art style, had an impact on everything.

As GTA 6 remains vapourware and Rockstar’s remasters of the classic The Grand Theft Auto trilogy was criticized last yearit looks like the sardonic themes and artwork style of this video game series could be alive and well in Bliss’ Fear City.

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