Holiday Critics Inspire Postcards From Hell In Nightmarish Project DALL-E 2


AI art generators are a controversial new creative tool, and many aren’t sure what role they’ll play. But sometimes a fun creative experience comes along and seems like the thing they can be used for.

Scrolling through TripAdvisor reviews can be enough to keep anyone off the trip forever. Almost every destination seems to have at least a few scathing reviews that make it look like hell on earth. What if the place was really that bad? Well, someone used AI to show what some popular tourist destinations would look like according to their worst articles, and they look bad (not sure how the tech works? Check out our guide on using AI). DALL-E 2).

AI Tourist Destinations

England’s most prized prehistoric monument (Image credit: My Favorite Cabins)

Many of us will have been disappointed by the reality of some popular tourist destinations compared to the postcard images we saw before our trip. Some people really express this frustration in colorful online reviews, which can often turn off potential future visitors.

So Holiday Rental Company My favorite chalets (opens in a new tab) reimagined the UK’s top tourist attractions to one-star reviews, with help from the AI-powered DALL-E 2 text-to-image generator (opens in a new tab). It used text prompts including each attraction’s name and keywords from their TripAdvisor worst reviews. Then the image generator did its job. So what do some of the UK’s top tourist attractions look like to their harshest critics? Here are some additional examples.

Unsurprisingly, the images suggest that the biggest complaint in TripAdvisor reviews is the crowds, but we all know you need to get up at 5am or do some serious editing in Photoshop to get those crisp, crowd-free landmark images. But it’s a nice use of AI as a tool for imagining what things might look like rather than trying to create a finished work of art.

For more on AI art, see how the best AI art generators compare. And if you want to edit your holiday snaps to get rid of scenes like this, it’s worth noting that there’s currently an Adobe Black Friday deal on Creative Cloud (see pricing in your region below).

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