How to change your home Xbox


Changing your home Xbox is an easy way for you to save all of your important settings, while sharing your games and apps with other users who sign in with their profiles.

Setting up a home Xbox happens automatically when you unbox an Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One, sign in for the first time, and save your password. It becomes your main access point for all your digital game licenses, so you can use all the content you have purchased.

Microsoft points out that you actually have two different access points for this: your primary Xbox and your Gamertag. Once you switch to a new home Xbox, all of your licenses will transfer to a new console, so anyone who signs in can use your games and apps.

However, it also means that because of your Gamertag access, you can download and play your digital content on any Xbox you’re signed in to. In this way, you can share your games with friends and vice versa. You can also share your Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions.

But how do you change your original Xbox? It’s very easy to do and it will only take a few minutes of your time. Just follow the steps outlined below.

How to change your designated home Xbox

How to change your home Xbox

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First, press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide. Make sure you’re at a breakpoint and have saved your game if you’re playing, just in case.

Once in the guide, choose ‘Profile & system’, then ‘Settings’. From there, go to “General”, then “Personalization”. Select “My Home Xbox”.

You can now select “Make this my home Xbox” to designate your home console. The process is complete here and you can return to what you were doing. Conversely, if you need to remove a system, choose “Set this Xbox as my home Xbox”, then “Remove this console as my home Xbox”.

Keep in mind that you can change your primary Xbox up to five times a year. If you reach this limit, you will receive a date when you will be eligible for another chance. Microsoft cannot add other switches to your account. However, if you are having trouble after changing your address five times a year, you have an option.

Select “Help” if you see “Unable to make this your primary Xbox”, and Microsoft may be able to see if you qualify for an exception.

So if you have a second console that you’d like to share with your loved one, family, or just want other users to access your content when they log into your main computer while you’re away, remember to set up your home Xbox.

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