How to create an electronic signature with Canva


The most effective and reliable way to get your recipient’s attention is still email, despite the wide variety of communication methods available. An email signature represents you and your business, instantly improving the credibility of your email. It’s easy to set up, makes your email look more professional, and boosts brand awareness.

Canva is the most popular graphic design platform that lets you create stunning designs with lots of customizable templates available and showcase your work in a professional manner. In this article, we’ll tell you how to create a professional email signature with Canva. Let’s start.

1. Register or login to Canva

If you are new to Canva, the first step for you is to register on the platform. Canva allows you to register or login using your Google, Facebook or other email account. After logging in, you are taken to the homepage, where you can choose to browse templates, create designs, and more.

2. Select an email signature template

The next step is to choose your preferred template for your email signature. Canva lets you create your design from scratch or choose from various customizable templates to create any design or document in minutes and enhance your career with Canva.

To get started, go to the search bar and type email signature to browse the different models. Select one that looks professional, has an attractive design, and matches your brand.

You can try different Filters on the left side of the screen to help you narrow down the options you prefer. If you have access to a Canva Pro subscription, you can choose one of the premium templates available.

Once you’ve chosen your template, you’ll be taken to the canvas page and make any changes you want.

3. Add your business details

An electronic signature contains all of your business details, including your name, designation, website and contact details. To edit your information in the template, tap the text box and enter your information if needed. You can customize it by increasing the font size, changing the font style and setting the font color as you like.

Select corporate font styles to give your email signature a professional look. Be sure to mention only your key details that are no longer than four to five lines. It prevents aggressive marketing and conveys your skill to your potential customers.

4. Upload your professional photo to your email signature template

Adding your professional photo to your email signature will grab your customer’s attention and help you appear more approachable. Plus, seeing your photo will make your potential customers more connected with you and make your emails more trustworthy.

A high resolution image, preferably shoulders up, and with a plain or white background, is best to include in your email signature. To add your image:

  1. Press on To download on the left side panel and add your image.
  2. Select the downloaded image to add it to your template and drag it to replace it with the existing image in the frame.
  3. Continue dragging your photo in the frame to adjust it as needed.

Additionally, you can choose to modify your image by changing the placement frame in Elements or by selecting Edit your picture in the toolbar above the model. You can add a drop shadow to your image to make it stand out.

Your email signature should contain links from your social media profile to let your business contacts know about your online presence. Also, it’s a great way to drive traffic to your social media profiles and increase engagement.

To show your online media presence on your email signature, add social media icons to your template. Head to Elements on the left panel and search for social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. that you want to include in your electronic signature.

Tap the icons you want to include in your template and adjust their size accordingly. Then you can add hyperlinks to your social media icons. To include your social media profile link, click the Hyperlink in the edit toolbar above and insert your link to save it. This will make your icons clickable and allow anyone to see your social media profile once they tap on it.

6. Customize your email signature template

Once you’ve finished adding the key elements to your email signature, including your business details, photo, and social media profiles to your email signature, it’s time to customize your design. To add a professional touch to your design, you can also add your company or brand logo. To do this, press To download to insert your logo image and select it to add it to your template.

You can play around with the design to make it more appealing. Change the colors of elements included in the template or add new shapes to enhance your design. Tap the item whose color you want to change and choose the color that matches your brand or logo from the color palette.

7. Download your electronic signature template

Finally, once you are done creating your design by following the steps mentioned above, you can download your template to use as your email signature.

Canva allows you to upload your design in different formats. You can download your signature in PNG or JPEG format to include in your email. To do this, go to To share in the upper right corner, tap To downloadselect your File typeand upload your design.

Once you’ve uploaded your signature, set it up on your work email accounts to represent yourself. Check out these articles to walk you through adding your email signature to your Outlook or Gmail accounts.

Show off your professional email signature created with Canva

Email signatures are simple to create and have a host of benefits for your brand. An attractive email signature will definitely impress your customers and make you stand out. Moreover, it is an excellent marketing tool to promote, strengthen your brand identity and make your emails more reliable.

By following these steps, you’ll be creating a professional email signature using Canva in no time. Play around with your design to make it more visually appealing. Make sure your email signature mentions all the key details needed to promote yourself or your brand.


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