L7 Informatics Launches L7 | HUB ™ on Industry-Leading Enterprise Science Platform, L7 | ESP ™


L7 | HUB is a shared digital content repository for L7 | ESP users. L7 | ESP is a composable platform where citizen developers can use building blocks to create more composite processes. L7 | HUB enables users to reuse content and save time to develop new processes. This shared and portable content helps accelerate the implementation of L7 | ESP and ensure best practices in the industry.

“While traditional processes can be long, expensive and inflexible, we created L7 | HUB as part of our digital-centric approach,” said Robert zeigler, vice president of product development at L7. Adding: “We enable citizen developers to build, run and change processes faster, cost less with agility and responsiveness. “

Via the L7 | HUB, L7 | ESP comes with robust and standardized content available for installation, including data models / entities, methods (protocols / workflows / workflow chains), pipelines analytics, connectors, reports, dashboard widgets and applets / applications. L7 has organized the content into a searchable storefront, and L7 | ESP users can use the Authoring Apps, a low-code / no-code development tool, to extract content from the L7 | HUB, compose new solutions, and create new reusable items. primitives, thus creating “building blocks”.

“The release of L7 | HUB will make it easier and faster for our customers, partners and our service team to store, share and reuse content from one place to another. The ability to share these basics will help speed up time. to the implementation, as well as to equip and build an even larger scientific community around L7 | ESP ”, commented Zeigler.

About L7 Informatique:
TO L7 Informatique, Inc., our mission is to revolutionize scientific processes and data management to accelerate precision health in the life sciences, health and nutrition value chains. Our end-to-end solutions and services enable researchers to make new discoveries in genomics, manufacturers of precision therapeutics to create higher fidelity therapies, healthcare systems to deliver superior diagnostics and standards of care, and precision agriculture to meet the needs of tomorrow.

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