Marvel’s Avengers fan art gives She-Hulk a gamma-powered helicopter chamber


Fans imagine what She-Hulk’s involvement in Marvel’s Avengers can entail, with one player creating a poster in anticipation of his arrival.

Players are starting to speculate on who will be the next hero added to Marvel’s Avengers, with a fan creating a striking but cranky poster detailing what She-Hulk’s quarters might look like.

Graphic designer and digital artist Rock Rider posted a concept design for Jennifer Walter’s living space on Twitter. The poster uses many green hues to create an aesthetic worthy of a nuclear power plant, complemented by a biohazard symbol. The fan-created image largely gives the impression that She-Hulk is a dangerous person thanks to his general style, his “caution” warning, and a hand-scanner safety measure.

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Chances are, Jennifer Walters will appear in Marvel’s Avengers as the next playable superhero. Prominent leaker Miller recently revealed that Krizia Bajos will play She-Hulk in the Superhero Brawler. Miller’s post was then retweeted by Bajos herself with a green heart emoji; Rock Rider also tagged Bajos in his She-Hulk fan art tweet. While neither publisher Square Enix nor developer Crystal Dynamics have officially confirmed anything regarding She-Hulk, Marvel’s AvengersSenior Brand Manager Nick Edwards has confirmed that there will be a lot of new content coming to the game in 2022.

Jennifer Walters was created by legendary Marvel writer Stan Lee and artist John Buscema and debuted in February 1980 at The Savage She-Hulk # 1. Bruce Banner’s female Hulk counterpart has made various appearances in video games over the years, most notably in Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Lego Marvel Avengers. She-Hulk has been receiving increased attention lately, as the character is also set to be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe through her own Disney + series. Tatiana Maslany will star, which will also star Mark Ruffalo and Tim Roth reprising their roles as Bruce Banner and Abomination, respectively.

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The last playable hero added to Marvel’s Avengers came in the form of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. While Peter Parker has joined the game with an array of unlockable costumes and unique combat abilities, the character has sparked controversy within the fan base due to his PlayStation exclusivity. Despite this, players were generally happy with the Web-Head, praising its traversal abilities and utility-oriented fighting style.

Marvel’s Avengers The previous update also included the Klaw Raid, a challenging mission designed to push high-level players to their limits. The story of Discordant Sound saw the return of the villainous Klaw and rewarded players with fantastic loot for working together as a team and ultimately knocking out the Sonic Criminal.

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