Media Art Group Cuz, LOVE EARTH, SWITCH OFF digital signage campaign presented in Times Square, New York


CUZ, a media art group that receives great attention at home and abroad in the field of immersive media by introducing digital content that combines technology and art, is launching an interactive public campaign “LOVE EARTH, SWITCH OFF ”in Times Square, New York.

Unveiled via Reuters billboards and the NASDAQ Tower in the heart of Times Square, “LOVE EARTH, SWITCH OFF” is a campaign where you can observe the beautiful resurrection of trees and surrounding landscapes in a huge space by turning off the light. ‘sign switch. . Starting December 11, New York local time, this campaign sends the message to those who visit Times Square that small, everyday actions, like turning off the lights, can save the planet, while also experiencing media art that captures the wonderful beauty of Mother Nature.

“LOVE EARTH, SWITCH OFF” is a campaign that reveals the strengths of CUZ, which extends its social influence based on immersive media and digital content.

The futuristic space that appears when the building’s huge iron door is opened symbolically represents the development of the modern civilization we live in, and the surrounding trees and plants wither remind us of the rapidly changing Earth by humans. However, when the switch is turned off, small particles of light gently spread through the space that appears to have lost life, and as a result, the surrounding trees and plants bloom beautifully and come back to life. This revival of Mother Nature shows the possibility of coexistence of a developed mechanical civilization and nature, while at the same time communicating that nature can be restored by humans. Finally, the gentle swirls of colorful petals and leaves that fill the space make us realize that the onset of such small changes, combined with the vitality of nature, can heal the entire Earth.

In this way, the media art implemented around the storytelling effectively raises awareness of environmental protection by inducing agreement on the actions and roles of nature rather than directly insisting on conservation practices. ‘environment. In addition, the mechanical structure of the huge space and the realistic natural landscape achieved through anamorphic technology, which highlights the rich production experience and technology of CUZ, are the factors that attract people’s curiosity and participation. active in the countryside. Especially since the content has been planned and produced taking into account the exterior, structure, street space and the point of view of Reuters and the NASDAQ tower, it is possible to provide a greater sense of immersion to the audience and maximize the effect. As such, CUZ’s “LOVE EARTH, SWITCH OFF” considers both artistic and technical experiences, transforming Reuters and Nasdaq Tower billboards into a cultural and artistic space where new experiences are possible at the same time. – beyond a simple advertising medium.

Meanwhile, ‘LOVE EARTH, SWITCH OFF’ by CUZ Art Group to meet people from all over the world in Times Square, New York was supported by Gyeonggi-do and Gyeonggi Content Agency, the local governments of South Korea. It is assessed that CUZ’s experience of presenting various works containing stories about environmental issues completed a more meaningful campaign.

Through this exhibition and campaign held in Times Square, New York, CUZ is expected to bring new artistic possibilities and special experiences to more people, while promoting high-quality Korean cultural content based on digital technology in the world. international scale.

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