Mr. Noakhali (Akash Goswami): A notable entrepreneur, music artist, digital marketer and influencer from Bangladesh


Mr. Noakhali, aka Akash Goswami, is an opportunity maker in music, digital marketing, theater and entrepreneurship. He is a notable public figure in Bangladesh. He was born on September 4, 1995.

He made his acting debut in the television series “Baba Thake bassay 2”. He also enjoys making music. Bangladesh’s music industry has undergone a new evolution with a combination of traditional music and advanced technology.

The new era of technology has offered an opportunity to the younger generation. Mr. Noakhali is an ambitious young Bangladeshi man who seized the opportunity and proved his worth as a modern entrepreneur and businessman as well as a successful musician.

Jahidul Islam Jahid brought a revolutionary change in the music industry of Bangladesh by mixing modern technologies and Western instruments with traditional songs from Bangla. He has been walking the path of music since his childhood.

He has worked in this industry as a successful musician and entrepreneur through Akash Digital Media BD. Many young people come to him to develop a career in the music industry. The successful use of digital technology provided him with the opportunity to be an entrepreneur in Bangladesh.

As a digital entrepreneur from Bangladesh, Mr. Noakhali is a self-taught entrepreneur in the digital marketing industry of Bangladesh. He acquired basic knowledge in digital marketing through several initiatives and personal actions.

An opportunity which has been created due to advancement in technology has been properly utilized by him.

Mr Noakhali is a young and energetic 25 year old who also composes music. The passion for music has become one of the most important factors to present him as a celebrity in Bangladesh. A very good social media presence has acknowledged its acceptance to a large extent.

His Youtube channel “Mr Noakhali” has completed 100,000 subscribers and his youtube has obtained a verification badge. He also checked artist spotify, amazon, jio-saavn, apple itunes, dezeer etc.

Understanding and knowing a wide range of opportunities in the online world has created a wide range of possibilities to build a career as a successful entrepreneur and businessman. A very deep knowledge and consideration of music contributed to this. His interest and dreams came true with longtime ocean in the digital technology related industry as the youngest digital entrepreneur in Bangladesh.

Mr. Noakhali is considered to be a person with a strong heart to identify opportunities, take risks and overcome challenges with his continuous efforts and hard work. Self-study and rapid learning skills helped him manage such a glorious position in both music and business.

Posted on July 3, 2021

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