NC couple creates Black Santa Clause wrapping paper


Wrapper’s Delight is a vacation stationery company that emphasizes diversity and inclusion. The couple’s affairs became an overnight sensation amid the pandemic.

GREENSBORO, NC – For Xavier and Brooke Carrington, wrapping Christmas presents doesn’t just happen in December, but 365 days a year.

“We print our own postage at home,” Brooke said.

“We also keep all of our own inventory at home. We are working together to ship these packages.

The couple own Wrapper’s Delight.

Wrapper’s Delight is an online vacation stationery business focused on diversity and inclusion.

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The two created their own brand of Black Santa Clause wrapping paper in June 2020 after the idea came to Brooke in a dream.

“Sales took off immediately,” Brooke said.

“We ordered a thousand rolls. Five cents in the red design of Black Santa and Mrs. Clause and 500 in the green and at the end of the season we only had 100 rolls left. So I consider this a huge success!

The main logo features an African American Mr. and Mrs. Clause in a warm embrace.

Xavier, professor of visual art and graphic design at North Carolina A&T State University, is the master behind design.

“I’ve been in the graphic design business for over 20 years,” explains Xavier.

“I’m also a local muralist, a visual artist here in Greensboro, NC. Plus, I’m a local tattoo artist so I used all my talents and put them into this design. “

This year the couple have new wrapping paper featuring a black nutcracker and a ballerina.

“You now know when we walk into the store, we have a little little section in the store with a little section with greeting cards. We don’t necessarily see wrapping paper very often, ”said Brook.

“Representation matters and our goal is to fill the void. “

The couple said showing their children the importance of hard work and creativity has been everyone’s greatest gift.

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“Understand business at a young age and understand that their ideas matter,” Xavier said.

“And that they can make it happen. They don’t have to stay in your head, ”Brooke agreed.

The couple plan to expand beyond Christmas into other major holidays.

Some of their products can be found at Ben’s Boyz in Greensboro.

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