New Warzone 2 leak reveals massive map with immense potential


Call of Duty Warzone 2 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated Battle Royale titles to date. With reports suggesting the main Call of Duty 2023 game will be delayed, fans expect Infinity Ward and Activision to release Warzone 2 early next year. Additionally, a notable COD leaker has already teased the Warzone 2 map.


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The leaked map drew several fan opinions and a very detailed map recreation. A talented digital artist pitched his idea for the leaked map on Twitter, which reportedly went viral.


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Earlier this year, Infinity Ward announced the ongoing development of a “new Warzone experience”. The announcement also included mention of the highly anticipated sequel to Modern Warfare (2019).

Warzone 2 could replace Call of Duty 2023

According to a Bloomberg report, Activision officials have delayed the release of an upcoming Call of Duty title that was slated for release in 2023 as part of the annual trend. This decision to postpone the title would come after Activision failed to patch things up with Vanguard sales.

In fact, the release of Warzone 2 will likely make up for the missing main title next year.

Going back to the subject of the Warzone 2 map leak, the highly detailed version is said to have drawn various reactions. While some fans were just happy to know what the map might look like, others started a series of comments about it being “empty”. the the map looks like.

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The highly detailed version of the leaked map (via @emadalden_) looks great, considering what we have as a leak from notable insider, Tom Henderson, who was just a blueprint. It’s also important to note that the highly detailed map is actually just an idea, inspired by the first leaked drawing. This does not represent the final version of the Warzone 2 map in any way.

Regardless, fans have expressed differing opinions on EmadAlden’s portrayal. While some expressed disappointment at the card’s rarity, others applauded the artist’s talent and imagination.

The Warzone sequel may also include a new swimming mechanic, as the leaker suggests


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In other news, or rather ‘leaks’, Tom Henderson also claims that the developers are introducing a swimming mechanic in Warzone 2. This is interesting because players will now be able to flank through a new geographical feature.

Henderson also said that Warzone 2’s map will likely turn out to be bigger than Verdansk and Caldera. And if the DMZ mode leaks regarding Modern Warfare 2 prove to be true, Henderson states that Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 may also share the same map to some degree.


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From now on, we only hope that the map will include more elements outside of points of interest (POI). Tom Henderson is said to be a reliable source for industry leaks and boasts of a list of accurate reveals. Even then, fans shouldn’t take unofficial leaks seriously to avoid disappointment.


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