New York Times Best-selling Artist Marty Noble Launches First Online Gallery Collection and Uses Immersive StraxAR ™ Technology to Deepen Fan Engagement


NEW YORK, 22 December 2021 / PRNewswire / – Revolutionary Artist Marty noble, whose fascinating career has energized the art world for more than three decades, announces the launch of “The Marty Noble Collection” – a collection of his work which will be complemented by augmented reality (AR) content developed in partnership with StraxAR â„¢, an app that allows users to unlock immersive behind-the-scenes stories – all now accessible through a simple phone or device scan. Noble’s visual art and AR content can be found at: with a stunning collection of limited edition prints and gorgeous licensed products featuring his artistry, each enabled with Marty’s ever-evolving augmented reality content.

Born into a family of artists – her four grandparents met at the Cleveland School of Art in the early 1900s – Noble evolved into a phenomenal number of dimensions as an artist. Previously, she became fascinated with batik and today she is recognized around the world for her wide range of artistic works including: eye-catching illustrations, posters, book covers, children’s books, activity books, calendars, photographs and, for 15 years, digital art. Thanks to StraxAR, fans visiting its site can quickly and easily unlock immersive content in which the artist shares ideas, anecdotes and biographical information about every artistic endeavor.

The fusion of its visual art and StraxAR content creates increased engagement among attendees. Fans and students of her work can quickly and easily scan any designated image in her collection, whether it’s a framed print or a pillow, and unlock immersive content in which the artist shares ideas, anecdotes and biographical information about each artistic endeavor, then be automatically redirected to additional locations for an even deeper immersion in that subject or that work.

Diane teitel rubins, editor at Dover Publications at New York, said: “Dover Publications has had the pleasure of working with the incredibly talented Marty noble for over 25 years! We’re proud to showcase his stunning illustrations in over 100 of our titles, which include everything from our sophisticated adult coloring and drawing books to our gorgeous collections of stickers and temporary tattoos. Marty’s love of nature and interest in exploring other cultures, combined with his creativity and enormous attention to detail, make his original art a pleasure to see. “

Marty noble added, “I have been able to spend my career capturing the limitless wonders the world has to offer and sharing my work in so many ways.” “This new collection is exciting for me on many levels, and as an artist, working with new mediums like augmented reality and digital worlds opens new doors of artistic expression and communication that we could not imagine there. just a few years ago. “

“Working with Marty and his team on this project has been a wonderful experience,” said Annie trimboli, digital media coordinator for Strax Networks. “We’re thrilled to bring Marty’s art to his fans in so many new ways, his creativity is truly limitless.”

Created at the end of 2019, StraxAR brings the digital world together with the physical world of education, art, entertainment and retail (to name a few) by augmenting digital content on a physical object or image in any category. For an educator, artist, brand or other marketer, engagement, retention and promotion opportunities through straxing provide a direct, immediate and meaningful connection with students, consumers and fans of the whole world. As students and consumers alike enjoy a more connected, immersive, and engaging learning experience, the powerful combination of mobile technology and AR creates truly limitless potential for improving engagement and understanding outcomes. “

Eric Singleton, CEO and Co-Founder of Strax Networks added, “Marty’s incredible gift for visual storytelling can only be enhanced by bringing art lovers closer to learning – from Marty herself – the way which she approached and inspired each of her subjects. Visual art is one of them. of the many disciplines that can increase fan engagement with a simple scan of the StraxAR app and we are honored to partner with an icon of the art world to bring art lovers even closer to their prints, watercolors , illustrations or one of their favorite famous works. “

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