NFT in-person and digital hybrid art exhibition opens in Bushwick


Metaphysical, a physical and digital NFT art exhibit, opens in Bushwick today, showcasing the works of ten blockchain-based artists.

The physical part of the show will consist of 10 pieces and will be held at DorDor Gallery, and the digital NFTs accompanying the works will be fed by the NFT Bitski platform.

Ten accompanying digital pieces will be created as NFTs by the selection of the fastest growing North American creators in the NFT space, including established and emerging blockchain-based artists.

Afternoon nap by Squibs. Photo: Supplied.

The exhibition features black sneaker artists, Sean Williams, Noah Kocher, mew.psd, Soulo Saint, Sophie Sturdevant, Squibs, Bobbi Cai, Dillon ATM and artist and curator Max Kulchinsky.

The digital pieces are available for sale at the gallery, and they will also be on display in a Bitski virtual gallery available on Bitski Wallets are now integrated with OnCyber, so collectors and artists can view NFTs directly from their Bitski Wallets in digital environments, from temples to spaceships.

Bitski said in a statement that he is excited to use his platform to highlight independent artists who are shaping the future of physical and digital art. He said the platform allows all creators and customers to sell through their own channels with no crypto knowledge required.

Phase two by blacksneakers. Photo: Supplied.

Kulchinsky said the show’s title “Metaphysics” played on the “metaverse,” in which digital art will live forever, while a physical space will only exist for a period of time.

He said the aim of the exhibition was to bridge the gap between the physical and digital art worlds by exposing those interested in traditional art to digital art and digital artists to a physical space. .

Click here for the RSVP link for the opening and afterparty on Friday July 23.

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