Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Online Store Global Shutdown Date Announced


Nintendo now has announcement Nintendo 3DS and Wii U online store global closing date.

A few months ago, in February 2022, Nintendo announced that it would finally close the legacy platform eShops at the end of March 2023. At present, the company announced the official date for the closure of the stores of the West and the rest of the world. For the West, stores will now close on March 27, 2023, while in Japan they will close on March 28, 2023.

Starting August 29, 2022, Nintendo will not allow Western Nintendo players to add funds to be used for purchase in the Nintendo eShop. After March 27, 2023, users will no longer be able to purchase anything from the store. Nintendo’s Japanese site will offer the same hourly closures in the country. By August 30, 2022, Japanese players will no longer be able to add funds to the store while after March 28, 2023, they will no longer be able to purchase anything there.

The Japanese and UK websites made a special mention of the popular JRPGs Fire Emblem Fates. Game owners can still download story routes until the eShop closes. Nintendo UK mentioned that they weren’t selling the master digital copy of the game a month earlier on February 28, 2023.

Users will still be able to download their digital content for 3DS and Wii U games for the foreseeable future. Until then they can still relax, but maybe later the download services will stop.


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