One Life Studios Partners With Zoom & The Zoom Studios To Syndicate Their Youth-Focused Content Around The World


“class =” lazy img-responsive “data-src =” zoom-studios-to-syndicate-their-youth-focused-content-worldwide-2-920×518.jpeg “width =” 920 “height =” 518 “alt =” One Life Studios Partners With Zoom & The Zoom Studios to syndicate their youth-focused content around the world “/>

With the growing diversity and ever-changing range of viewers, the world of content has boomed across all media and platforms. Young audiences in particular have perhaps become one of the biggest consumers of content in all formats. To ensure their love for content and its subsequent qualitative offering is maintained, One Life Studios, led by Siddharth Kumar Tewary, has partnered with premium entertainment destination, Zoom and The Zoom Studios to distribute their offerings. entertainment focused on young people in China and Africa.

After its highly valued exclusive partnership with Sony Pictures Networks India for the CIS, the EEC region as well as China and Japan, Pocket Films and Turmeric Vision Pvt Ltd (Food Food) to syndicate their entire catalog around the world, One Life Studios leaves no stone unturned as the undisputed world leaders in transmedia content.

With their diverse catalog comprising of short fiction and non-fiction series and celebrity shows and various other genres, One Life Studios is poised to bring all this gamete of youth-oriented content from Zoom and The Zoom Studios to audiences in the world. whole world . With this pairing, One Life Studios has added another feather to its cap and proven once again why they truly are one of the largest, fastest and most diverse content creation and syndication houses.

With a wide offering including Bollywood Music, Bollywood News, Original Shows, Trends, Lifestyle and Fashion, Zoom is the undisputed destination for youth entertainment. focusing on relatable and real-life stories, The Zoom Studios is the leading digital content studio that has created acclaimed original series like The Reunion, Imperfect, Ready 2 Mingle, Mom & Co., The Holiday, The Happily Ever After collecting more 120 million viewers Over a million subscribers in no time.

Speaking of this association, Big Boss Siddharth Kumar Tewary says:
“For us at One Life Studios, our effort is dedicated to providing the global audience with a choice of exciting and quality content in a variety of genres, from fiction (long and short – thrillers / romantic / period / family) to non -fiction (lifestyle / travel / cooking / infotainment / fashion and celebrity). We believe in not only creation, but also partnering with studios and producers who share our vision and spreading their content across the world via our extensive syndication network.The narrative and conversational styles adopted by the creators for the Zoom Studios originals have ensured that young viewers not only connect, but also become a sustained and loyal fan base for their upcoming projects. Seeing how interestingly they’ve blazed their trail, we’re sure this content can create an even bigger stir internationally.

Jagdish Mulchandani, COO and Executive Chairman of Times Network, said: “We are delighted to announce that One Life Studios is our exclusive distributor of Bollywood and original content in China and Africa, further strengthening our presence in international markets. Zoom and The Zoom Studios are our pioneering brands, synonymous with powerful and original Bollywood content. I am confident that with this partnership, viewers around the world will experience our best Bollywood and original shows. “

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