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Burleson, Texas, Aug. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pokemoto, Muscle Maker, Inc. (Nasdaq: GRIL) is developing the Hawaiian poke bowl restaurant concept, today announced the grand opening of its first Mississippi franchise in Oxford, Mississippi. The opening marks the first of three franchise agreements previously signed in the Mississippi market. Being near “Ole Miss” provides exposure to Pokemoto’s primary target audience – Millennials and Gen Z. The location showcases Pokemoto’s all-new interior graphic design package, signage, and menu items.

“We are very excited to open our first Pokemoto location in Mississippi, specifically in Oxford – the home of the University of Mississippi. This opening marks one of our first franchises to go through the full sales cycle. , training, opening” since we acquired Pokemoto. While it’s great to sell a franchise, it’s even more important to open them,” said Michael Roper, CEO “Our current strategy is focused on expanding Pokemoto across corporate and franchise sites Oxford Mississippi is a franchise site with a strong franchise partner who has many connections to the local community – which we think is a great combination. celebratory events this week and beyond.

Charlie Dyer, Oxford Pokemoto franchisee, commented, “Providing vibrant and flavorful dishes with a Korean flair, Pokémoto’s colorful and comprehensive approach is customizable for each of our guests. Dyer continued, “Whether a customer is calorie-counting, keto-conscious, vegan, or prefers the taste of fresh superfoods, Pokémoto creates meals that are healthy and nutritious, with exciting texture and flavor profiles and I’m thrilled to serve. the greater Oxford community. ”

Roper continued, “Our opening in Mississippi is just the start of what we expect to be a very busy second half of 2022. We have opened or soon to be Pokemoto restaurants in 13 states, 43 franchise agreements sold to date, and 10 locations currently under construction. We continue to expand our sales efforts by adding two new Franchise Sales Managers to our team, seeking military veteran partners with aggressively reduced upfront franchise fees, expanding our social media presence and working on new new ways to connect with potential franchise owners while adding new states where we can sell franchises – we’re open for business! »

Pokemoto’s strategy focuses on growth through company-owned locations and franchises. Each franchise location sold generates up to $25,000 per agreement upon signing as well as an ongoing royalty of up to 6% of net sales once opened. Pokemoto franchises offer low construction cost, protected territories, little to no cooking, ease of use, and low labor requirements. Poke bowls and boba teas are all the rage in the restaurant industry space, millennial and Gen Z focused, customizable, and totally “Instagramable.” Pokemoto’s goal is to become a major player in the poke segment of the restaurant industry.

About MuscleMaker, Inc.

Muscle Maker, Inc. is the parent company of “healthier for you” brands that bring high-quality healthy food options to consumers in traditional and non-traditional settings such as military bases, universities, ghost kitchens, delivery and ready-to-use products. meal preparation options. Brands include Muscle Maker Grill restaurants, Pokemoto Hawaiian Poke and SuperFit Foods meal prep. Our menus highlight healthier versions of traditional and non-traditional dishes and feature grass-fed steak, lean turkey, chicken breast, Ahi tuna, salmon, shrimp, tofu and herbal options. For more information about Muscle Maker, Inc. visit www.musclemakergrill.com, for more information about Pokemoto visit www.pokemoto.com.

About Pokemoto

Pokemoto (www.pokemoto.com), a Hawaiian Poke Bowl concept known for its modern culinary twist on a traditional Hawaiian classic, has opened or will soon be available in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida, Maryland, Virginia, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Mississippi and Kansas. Pokemoto delivers contemporary flavors with fresh, delicious ingredients that appeal to foodies, health enthusiasts, and sushi lovers everywhere. Guests can choose from a list of signature bowls or be daring and create their own unique combination of a base, proteins, various toppings and nine different sauces. Vegetarian options are available and the bowl combinations are virtually limitless. Colorful dishes and chic, modern dining rooms provide an uplifting dining experience for guests of all ages. Customers can dine in-store or order online through third-party delivery apps for contactless delivery.

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