Porchfest returns to Forest Hill


Two years later, the porches of Forest Hill Avenue will come back to life with music, visual arts and many family activities.

The third fall edition of Porchfest is on view in the neighborhood on Sunday – it was held virtually in 2020, and the inaugural event in 2019 was also held in Forest Hill.

The free Sunday event runs from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

“Forest Hill, because they had supported us before and somehow knew the setup of the event, they were so gracious to welcome us again, especially coming out of a pandemic, for that comfort – easy for organizers and easy on the neighborhood, ”said Leann Porrello, cultural arts specialist in the Jefferson City Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry. “It was just a perfect little wedding to get back to Forest Hill.”

Held twice a year – in the spring along Capitol Avenue and in the fall in different neighborhoods each year – Porchfest turns porches into stages for musicians and visual artists, and street packs with crafts, garden games and food vendors.

Unlike the spring event along Capitol Avenue, which spans three blocks, this weekend’s event in the Forest Hill neighborhood features 11 porches in a much more compact space. But don’t be fooled by the small location, Porrello said: There’s just as much, if not more, to do.

“It’s more personal, intimate; it’s not as extensive, so we think the community engagement at the Fall Porchfest is much higher because of the street layout, ”she said.

Also different in the second half of the year, Forest Hill porches are residential, compared to businesses that open their porches on Capitol Avenue.

“With the residential, the owners are really getting down to it; they are as much a part of the festival as anyone else, ”said Porrello, adding that the owners are known to decorate the exterior of their homes and provide seating for the event, which is not always the case. possible outside of a Capitol Avenue business which is likely closed on a Sunday.

In addition to lots of live music, other highlights of the event, she said, are a Porchfest rock garden set up by JC Rocks with painted rocks that people can add or take away; painting with your dog sponsored by Art 101 on Boonville; a community graffiti art project; and a “tree glam”, where participants can decorate a tree with glass beads that will reflect sunlight.

Old favorites like chalk art, a tie dye station, and a variety of craft projects will also be available.

And don’t forget the food.

Suppliers include: Love My Gelato, Pizza Kwick Food Truck, Alibi Cookies, Fresh Lemonade Co., RJ’s Real Italian Ice, and the JC Parks / Jefferson City Special Populations program trailer.

Despite being a free event, Porrello said attendees should bring money to tip artists who volunteer their time and talents.

“We want to take care of them because we wouldn’t have Porchfest without our artists,” she said.

Can’t get enough outdoor music and entertainment for festivals? One block from Memorial Park is the MO Blues Association’s Blues in the Park Fundraiser to raise funds to support blues music programs in schools.

“When we looked at our schedule and saw the blues festival going on at the same time, we were excited because one thing about art in this community is that we all want to support each other,” Porrello said, adding that the Porchfest organizers were in communication with MO Blues to ensure that the two events complement each other.

She encouraged attendees to park near Memorial Park and walk between the two events for a busy afternoon celebrating the cultural arts of Mid-Missouri.

For more information and a full calendar of events and performers by porch, visit the Porchfest JCMO Facebook page.


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