Pratham wins the Indira Gandhi Peace Prize 2021



Pratham is one of India’s largest NGOs focused on improving the quality of education

Pratham has organized special programs to prevent children from dropping out of school during the pandemic

Pratham, a non-governmental organization dedicated to providing quality education to disadvantaged children around the world, received the Indira Gandhi Peace Prize 2021.

Pratham was established in 1995 by Farida Lambay and Madhav Chavan with the aim of providing education in the slums of Mumbai. The organization has set up community preschools and provided education to children who are late in education according to their age.

Pratham’s outreach has reached around one million children and with the government’s partnership, around five million children benefit each year.

During the closures due to COVID-19, Pratham has taken various initiatives to ensure that children do not lose their regular quality education using innovative digital technology.

Devyani Pershad, Head of Communications and International Collaborations at Pratham, said: “The pandemic has been a difficult time, but also a time of significant learning and innovation at Pratham. Thanks to our community networks and the digital innovations built over the years, we have been able to reach children in over 10,000 communities with creative and educational content during the school closure period, and create a supportive environment for children’s learning in these communities. We’ve also helped several state governments leverage our digital content and design processes to reach every child. Our programming with young people has also become totally distant during this time, with training and development content shared through webinars, zoom calls and WhatsApp groups, so that young people can prepare for better livelihoods. . “

Pratham has organized special programs to prevent children from dropping out of school during the pandemic. The organization also ensured that girls and women had a second chance to complete their education.

“In addition to supporting children and young people during this time, we were able to share safety and prevention measures with families and communities through these same networks in more than 10 regional languages, thus making essential information available. of all. This was all done thanks to our committed teams working remotely across the country and ensuring that we are helping children, youth and communities during the pandemic, ”added Pershad.

Last updated on November 20, 2021

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