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Lucas “Luke” Maguire is also known by the name of Lucas “Luke” as he spends the majority of his time at his garden in the Johnston gardens.

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He is a lover of shooting and stargazing.In the future, he plans to combine both of his interests.

“As as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the world above, as well as the night sky. However I was also blessed with a deep fascination with photography throughout my youth and was fascinated by graphic designs even when I was in my high school times “he stated. “In the beginning of 2019, I began taking images using my DSLR camera, and then putting it in my refractor telescope and taking pictures of the moon but I could feel the voice within my head that was constantly demanding more.

Like many people who explore space, Maguire wanted to go further.

“I have entered the field of astrophotography and have developed a deep-sky imaging device,” Maguire said. “I utilize this telescope to record the magnificence in the night sky that I have from the backyard inside Johnston.

The 29-year old is eager to share his stunning photos with the world.

His stunning images will be featured within Beacon Communications publications on a regularly.

“I would like to share my photos,” Maguire said.

Beacon Communications plans to help his showcase the work he has taken in his backyard. .

“Thank for the clear skies, and thank you,” he said as we received the very first image that he sent us, a picture of Rosetta Nebula.Rosetta Nebula.

“The Rosetta Nebula is a hydrogen gas region located near the Monoceros region of the Milky Way,” Maguire explained. “It is a region that covers 65 light years and is located 5,219 light years from Earth.

Capturing the breathtaking beautiful beauty of the universe is much more difficult than just taking a photo using a pointer.

“I snapped photos of the object in my backyard, and then stacked 45 pictures that were exposed for a duration of 300 seconds. This resulted in an integration duration of three hours and 45 minutes” Maguire explained.Maguire. “I employed the software program called Pixinsight to show the complete spectrum of details and cloudiness of the targets.


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