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More consumers are willing to shop for cars online, and auto brands are stepping up their digital advertising campaigns to engage tech-savvy shoppers tired of the dealership experience.

Ford launches new campaign for Maverick with actress and influencer Gabrielle Union, targeting more diverse consumers

The Ford Maverick, a smaller and more affordable gasoline-electric hybrid pickup, kicked off its campaign with a teaser on June 3. The digital video features actress and influencer Gabrielle Union with the tagline “The Truck You Didn’t See Coming, Is Coming.”

The goal of the Maverick ad campaign, according to Ford, is to reach a more diverse audience who, historically, might not consider a Ford. “Ford is offering a new kind of pickup – compact yet powerful, designed for manufacturers and operators, incredibly fuel efficient, and packed with smart technology and features. The all-new Ford Maverick 2022 is the truck for those who never knew they wanted a truck.

Along with Gabrielle Union spots, which Ford and Union share on social media, the Maverick website, Instagram content and other national ads feature young, hip drivers, instead of the more “traditional” audience of truck drivers. And, instead of driving on country roads, the Maverick is shown in cities, with Ford hoping to position the Maverick as a vehicle designed for “city driving or to escape city life.” More and more brands are creating opportunities to be seen as inclusive both in advertising and in product offerings, an increasingly important requirement for young consumers.

Automotive marketing campaigns continue to leverage the Pinterest community

Toyota and Volkswagen recently launched campaigns with the popular social media platform, Pinterest. A 2019 study found that Pinterest is a reliable site for discovering new vehicles and influencing when consumers buy cars. The campaign for the 2021 Toyota Sienna, which debuted in March, partnered with the creators of Pinterest who used “Pinterest’s Story Pins format to showcase the Sienna through videos and static content, including tips. and design ideas intended to inspire consumers ”.

Recently, Pinterest turned to its creators for inventive and creative content. By bringing together creators and brands, Pinterest is able to showcase its features for users and advertisers. Meanwhile, Toyota has the opportunity to showcase the “reality” and functionality of the Sienna, engaging consumers browsing Pinterest for cars. 97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded, which makes for an eye-catching campaign designed for its critical stopping ability to reach the 62% of Pinners who make vehicle purchases based on the car content they discover on Pinterest.

While many people have hit the road again, the allure of virtual test drives and online car shopping experiences still exists, especially for consumers who want to avoid the often lengthy process of buying cars in person. Volkswagen, which is promoting its first all-electric vehicle (EV), the ID.4 SUV, hopes to reach this online audience, and Pinterest car-buying users, with a new virtual experience. Asa Hiken, reporting for Marketing dive, explains that Volkswagen’s Pinterest promotion includes “the ability to take a ‘test drive’ with 360-degree viewing capabilities.” Next month, Pinterest will “guide consumers through their favorite parts of the car,” with Hiken noting that designer tours are “a possible substitute for car salespeople who would provide information during an actual visit to a car. dealer”.

The rise of electric vehicles matches the preferences of “green consumers” who are looking for more environmentally friendly and forward-thinking ways to shop. According to Marketing dive, and probably one of the reasons Volkswagen chose Pinterest, “people who use Pinterest are 55% more likely to be concerned about their personal carbon footprint than people who don’t.”

Strategic partnerships, such as the activation of the new Hyundai X Disney, can target multiple consumer groups

To showcase the new revamped 2022 Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai has partnered with Disney on personalized TV commercials and digital content featuring characters from Disney shows and movies, including the Marvel Catalog. The Hyundai campaign is the biggest marketing effort of its kind for the automaker, which has chosen not to advertise during the Super Bowl this year. The partnership is an extension of Hyundai’s fully integrated “Question Everything” marketing campaign, which featured celebrities like Jason Bateman and Kawhi Leonard in commercials, social media and other digital executions.

“This unique creative integration with Disney that spans different networks, programs and talents is an unprecedented approach to reaching billions of people in an engaging way,” said Angela Zepeda, CMO, Hyundai Motor America. “Disney is the perfect partner for this massive execution with its world-renowned brands and entertainment platforms that allow us to build on our Tucson marketing campaign.” The Marvel spots in particular, which will feature actors Elizabeth Olsen, Anthony Mackie and Tom Hiddleson, stars of the popular Marvel Universe series on Disney +, are likely to create the most excitement around Tucson’s launch and partnership. Superhero promotions include “a range of [Disney+] series-themed vignettes across linear television, streaming, social and digital networks. Strategic partnerships can be an effective way to target audiences of different consumer groups, creating brand affinity and increasing opportunities for cross-channel engagement.

In a recent episode of “Quick questions with Kathy», DMS CRO Joey Liner sharing ideas on the latest trends affecting consumer demand and advertising in the automotive industry.

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