Tallahassee’s recording paves the way for a thriving local music scene.


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Tallahassee’s music scene is vibrant, and Goldie Sound Productions helps foster the creativity and collaboration that make it possible.

Owner Adrian Dickey brought his studio to the city seven years ago, after first establishing the business in Atlanta. The studio has worked with big name artists like Lil Baby, Young Dolph and Kodak Black. “We’ve been very lucky here in Tallahassee to have a lot of artists,” says Dickey. He also works to help young artists succeed. For the past four years Goldie Sound has hosted a free quarterly networking event called “In the Mix”.

“It’s always a great place to meet people and also hear a lot of new music happening in town,” says Kanise, one of the artists who worked with Dickey for years.

The event also offers career development opportunities. Dickey says, “we always want to have an educational component, so every time we launch one, we invite a guest.” Influential and credible guests. Goldie’s former sound engineer, Blu Chapman, returned to speak during August’s “In the Mix.” Chapman is now Director of A&R at Artist Publishing Group. Previous speakers include Grammy-winning engineer Leslie Brathwaite.

The meetings contribute to a spirit of collaboration and musical expression. Dallas Kennedy, another artist who has worked with Dickey and Goldie Sound for years, said, “I feel like people are more comfortable showing off their talent now that they know there’s there are more people in the city doing the same thing”.

“Over the past five years, there have been rock bands, there have been rappers, R&B, neo soul, pop, and it’s eclectic,” Kanise explains. “It’s like everyone is working together. It’s all merged together. It’s very blended, and you just come up with a single sound that’s starting to be known as ‘Tallahassee’.”

Kanise says she finds Goldie Sound Productions less intimidating than other studios. She describes it as professional, but with a family atmosphere.

That family feel extends to the name of the studio. “People think I got the name from gold records, but it’s much deeper than that,” Dickey told ABC27. “Goldie is actually my grandmother’s name. My grandmother raised me from a little baby here in Tallahassee, and he’s someone I really care about. It’s just a way to me to honor him.”

Goldie Sound Productions also offers other multimedia services for artists and small businesses, including graphic design and web development.


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