Templum announces strategic investment and partnership led by WestCap Group


NEW YORK, June 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Templum, Inc. (“Templum”), a next-generation capital market infrastructure provider for alternative and private securities, has announced the closing of a strategic financing round led by West Cape. The partnership enables Templum to extend market services for its growing list of global clientele and improve liquidity for institutional and retail investors across the ecosystem. Templum and its wholly owned brokerage subsidiary, Templum Markets LLC, provide transparency and liquidity to investors and markets through its frictionless, end-to-end white-label trading technology products, using its alternative trading system (” ATS ”) and its exclusive brokerage. solutions.

“WestCap’s Most Recent Investment Advances Templum’s Strategy To Transform The Alternative Asset Industry,” Templum CEO Said Christophe Pallotta. “Our innovative modular infrastructure powers markets by offering fractional investments in alternative assets such as private equity, limited partnerships, real estate, collectibles, art, commodities and debt products. . We are seeing a growing investor appetite for alternative assets and we have experienced this with our clients. The partnership with WestCap accelerates the distribution and adoption of alternative assets with Templum as the underlying infrastructure. “

The investment was led by Laurence Tosi, founder of WestCap and former CFO of Airbnb and Blackstone, and by Scott Ganeles, senior partner at WestCap, who will now join Templum’s board of directors. As long-time partners, Tosi and Ganeles also co-founded iPreo, a leading financial technology company acquired by IHS Markit. WestCap is actively monitoring the alternative asset industry as investor allocation to alternatives has increased throughout changing economic trends over the past year. By research firm Preqin, the alternative asset industry is expected to grow to reach $ 17.14 trillion Assets under management by 2025, as alternatives, are expected to continue to outperform public markets and bring significant diversification benefits to an overall portfolio strategy.

“We are delighted to partner with Templum as their proven technology and efficient marketplace remove the complexity of the alternative asset industry for capital market participants,” said Scott Ganeles. “Templum’s streamlined solution is key to boosting the liquidity and transparency of alternative assets. Our investment in Templum expands access to the industry and positions WestCap, Templum and their clients to capitalize on an exponentially growing space.

For more information, please visit templuminc.com.

About Templum
Templum Markets LLC. is a new YorkBroker-trader and Alternative Trading System (ATS) licensed to trade unregistered private securities in 53 U.S. states and territories, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Templum, Inc., a trading technology company. Templum paves the way for investors to participate in new asset classes through integrated market technologies and APIs for primary issuance and secondary trading. Templum’s combined solution provides liquidity and distribution in the private markets by enabling a continuous trading experience for investors, rather than the manual processes currently in place. In doing so, Templum provides customized trading solutions to fuel the markets. For more information, please visit www.templuminc.com.

About the WestCap Group
WestCap Group is a development capital company founded by Laurence A. Tosi, who, along with the WestCap Group team, has founded, capitalized and operated markets with technology and light assets for over 20 years. With over $ 2 billion of assets under management, WestCap Group has made notable investments in technology companies such as Airbnb, StubHub, iPreo, Skillz, Sonder, Addepar, Hopper, iCapital and Bolt. To learn more about WestCap Group, please visit WestCap.com.

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