The best of the flyers found around campus


On the Penn State campus, there are hundreds of bulletin boards filled with hundreds of flyers. I’m not one to pay attention to it, but one day I was between classes and decided to take a look at all the flyers hanging in front of me.

At first, they all seemed pretty normal. Some were for clubs. Others focused on the resources available on campus. Then I saw one that stopped me in my tracks.

I’m sorry… what did I just read? An ad supporting smoking? A claim that he can protect me? Weird…

From there, I quickly realized that Penn State was covered in wild flyers. Here are some of the best we found:

This flyer here was next to the pro-tobacco flyer above. I have to wonder if the selfie is of the person who created this ad or if it was stolen from someone’s social media. Anyway, weird.

I found this cry for help in the Willard building. Are you or someone you know a videographer? If so, I have the perfect concert for you!

This flyer was found in a woman’s bathroom. I understand it’s for a study, but it’s oddly specific. At the end of the day, $100 is $100.

Do you hate the environment? Are you looking for a fun beach trip for spring break? The Anti-Environment Club is for you! Bonus points for the beautiful graphic design depicting exactly what the club stands for. Save the turtles… or not.

Kudos to the designer behind it all! A man coming towards me from the bulletin board with a samurai sword got me good. Upon closer inspection of the QR code, this is indeed a real club. Good work!

I’m trying to find words for it, but I can’t. Where to start ? Maybe with the arrow explaining to students what grass looks like? Maybe the outrageous $10 cover charge? Or is it the fact that “Wednesday” is misspelled? If you’re looking to ~experiment~, this is the club for you!

Dana is a sophomore in a red shirt, studying public relations. She’s from 570 and yes, she watched The Office. Her passions in life include drinking unsweetened iced tea and spreading her love for farming (yee haw)! Send photos or complaints of cows to [email protected]


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