“The demand for good learning content is growing at an unprecedented rate” – 20 quotes on digital transformation


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In Asia-Pacific in particular, the new era of performance management is still in its infancy and full of opportunity. – Saurabh Nangia, Mesh

The future readiness of HR or the organization lies in their use of data for better productivity and happier people. -Mukul Jain, HONO

Improving the digital strategy to harvest data more efficiently helps increase market penetration. – Yuvraj A. Thakker, Stoxbox

Use technology to limit the amount of paper you use whenever possible. – Major General AK Singh (retired), NU

[Manufacturing] investments are needed to provide technologically viable and economically competitive alternatives to fossil fuel-intensive technologies in vehicle mobility space. – Vikram S Kirloskar, Toyota Kirloskar engine

All technology, electrified or others, which help to promote national objectives should be promoted in a proportionate manner. – Vikram Gulati, Toyota Kirloskar Motor

When it comes to dealing with a space like embedded finance, one has to know where and to whom the value will be attributed. While the canvas is vast and the opportunities immense, investors will exercise discernment to identify such business models. – Florian Reichert, Picus Capital

The biggest challenge facing insurance companies is the high distribution cost to reach their customers, while others want to sell their policies with their products. – Surjendu Kuila, Zopper

Integrated finance will be at the heart of which many interactions with new-era B2C customers will occur. – Nakul Saxena, LetsVenture

VCs will continue [fintech] founders who understood four things: the criticality of the financial product/service for the end user, who their customer is, how they enable the complete financial flow (the most value-added thing) and how they monetize. – Anuradha Ramachandran, Flourish Ventures

Financial services cannot be underestimated. They may seem simple on the outside, but there’s a lot you can do to grow a lending business. Providing technology is not enough. – Jyotsna Krishnan, Elevar Equity

[Managing finances] takes so long that you don’t have enough time to focus on marketing, sales, or hiring the right team. – Mabel Chacko, Open

E-commerce is a growth engine for companies. For the B2B export market, it fueled growth, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the supply chain. – Rakesh Kumar, IEM

With the increasingly mature and serverless cloud, and an increase in Open APIs, there’s a lot more trust and transparency, and that makes a big difference in reducing barriers to innovation. -Sangita Agarwal, Accenture

A seamless to verify experience has become a basic expectation for consumers. -John Curtius, Tiger Global

The thought process is very simple – if it’s relatable, it’s content. – Anisha Dixit, influencer

It’s not just about getting famous and making money. Creators are also there to make friends and socialize with others. -Ian Goh, Tiki

Not everyone can find a celebrity’s manager through a Google search. – Mohsin Khan, Celewish

The potential of DOOH (digital signage) to keep up with changing times and technology is the most compelling aspect of this medium. – Gulab Patil, lemma

With affordable smartphones and easy access to data, the demand for good learning content is growing at an unprecedented rate. – Kinner N Sachdeva, Knorish

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