The pandemic has put digitization and virtualization in sixth gear: Shailendra Katyal


Dispelling predictions, marketing is alive where new tools have appeared but the fundamentals remain the same – brands will have to find the conflicts they want to resolve and be consistent and authentic, Shailendra says. Katyal, CEO of Lenovo India. Advising brand leaders, Katyal said, “There are still a lot of stories to tell consumers. Brands will have to choose the conflict they want to resolve. Polarization should increase. Brands can help choose sides. The marks can be on either side of the fence or become a bridge.

Katyal spoke of “New marketing practices in the post-pandemic world” during the e4m 2021 conclave which was held virtually on December 13th. In the second quarter of 2022, the Chinese computer maker had experienced almost similar growth. Digital platforms are like black boxes, feels Katyal.

“There was a lot of noise around digital precision marketing. However, the numbers may not tell the story. Digital was supposed to be the most reliable on content. This has also changed rapidly over the past two years with the emergence of privacy and other issues, ”said the CEO of the technology major. He noted, “Even traditional marketing is clearly measurable. Marketers know what works and what doesn’t. The pandemic has put digitization and virtualization in sixth gear. The proliferation of devices is increasing as people spend a lot of time online ”, Katyal said.

He also predicted that with the rollout of 5G, 6G, and the Metaverse, our virtual avatars will attend meetings. “This is what Facebook has been testing for a few months. “Bill Gates has talked about virtual avatars in all of his meetings over the past few months. Things will change dramatically in the next 5-10 years, ”says the Lenovo leader.

The challenges of commercialization

Katyal says, “The huge flow of information makes marketing difficult. Every two years, digital information is doubled. Brands really have to work hard to grab the attention of customers. In addition, there is a passage from permanence to the ephemeral. Young people want to live for the moment, not for the long term. They want to travel and indulge in leisure activities. Brands should focus on creating experiences for young people, physical or virtual. You have to know your client well, you have to tell your story well.

The market is much more fragmented than before. Marketers will need to be at the top of their game, notes Katyal. “RIP to lazy marketing.” Brands and creative agencies need to learn something every day. Advertising campaigns are no longer just illustrations. Now arts, science and technology are all needed to create disruptive technology, ”says Katyal.

Businesses and consumers are rapidly changing their relationship with technology, which is creating new opportunities for Lenovo.

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