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originally published: 06/16/2022

(MILLBURN, NJ) — Paper Mill Playhouse has announced the upcoming season of The Paper Mill Gallery at the Renee Foosaner Art Gallery. The four exhibits have been designed to thematically complement the theater’s main productions, and there will be a separate open call for each show.

“Paper Mill is delighted to continue the curated art exhibitions we started this year. The shows have been successful in every way we hoped,” says Mike Stotts, Managing Director. “Our audience loves it and the artists benefit from the visibility we can offer them. This year we featured nine fantastic local artists and we look forward to continuing to feature many more.

“Our newly appointed Gallery Advisory Board with Gallery Curator Jesus Nunez de J. Nunez has developed a full season of thematically relevant exhibitions that will bring us a wide variety of artistic styles and cultural influences. We look forward to welcoming new artists to the Paper Mill family,” adds Mark S. Hoebee, Production Art Director..

Paper Mill’s core productions and our desire to amplify the stories of BIPOC artists and participate in World Heritage celebrations, such as Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month and Black History Month, have helped inspire their exhibition themes. The gallery opens the season with MOVEMENT in parallel with on your feet (the story of Gloria Estefan) and will celebrate Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month. The second LIGHT show will take place over the holidays and during Paper Mill’s production of The sound of music. HERO will be the show open at the same time as Disney’s Hercules and Black History Month. The last show of the season will be STREET in tandem with Murder on the Orient Express and Lease, as well as Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage and Pride Months.

The Paper Mill Gallery is located on the mezzanine level and can be enjoyed by patrons attending a show or visited daily from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. with no ticket required.

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JPMorgan Chase & Co. is the principal sponsor of the Paper Mill gallery.

Dates for the 2022-2023 season of the gallery at the stationery:

MOVEMENT: From September 22 to November 4. parallel to on your feet and during Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month. Call open to artists from June 16 to July 31

LIGHT: From November 17 to January 13. parallel to The sound of music and the holiday season. Call open to artists from August 15 to October 2

HERO: From January 26 to March 24. parallel to Hercules and Black History Month. Call open to artists from October 17 to November 27

STREET: From April 6 to June 30. taking place at the same time as Murder on the Orient Express and Lease, as well as Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage and Pride Months. Call open to artists from January 9 to June 30

“Paper Mill is surrounded by a vibrant artistic community. We are excited to spotlight local visual artists and engage art lovers in their work,” says Mike Stotts. “We hope our audience will like it and that artists will benefit from the exposure we can give them.” “Visual art is part of the Paper Mill story,” adds Mark Hoebee. “Antoinette Scudder, one of the original founders of Paper Mill and a passionate visual artist, insisted that a gallery be included when the original design was created for the theater in 1934, and local artists hung their work when the theater opened in 1938. It’s a part of who we are that is sometimes forgotten. We now welcome it with renewed commitment.”


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