The SWIM CLUB solar building offers an ideal location for the “Pompeii” art exhibition


Tucked behind The Power Station is a small wooden building, an architectural gem inspired by Japanese teahouses and Texas state park buildings.

Functioning as both a sculptural work titled “Desert-Island” and an unnamed project space, it will be largely programmed by the art collective SWIM CLUB, a two-person team consisting of the power plant manager Gregory Ruppe and Soomi Han.

Featuring a living roof and solar-powered lighting, the self-contained vessel sits between a hydroponic gardening system and a greenhouse, all designed and built by Ruppe. Although sculpturally independent of each other, the structures function as an eco-conscious triptych that addresses issues of climate change, sustainability, and art as a social and collaborative practice.

The space opened last week with a solo exhibition by Scottish artist Scott Myles, who recently participated in the artist residency program at 100W in Corsicana. Titled “Pompeii,” the exhibit is described as a “heat-infused condensation” of Myles’ time in Texas; ruminations on “petro-culture, auto-terrorism and our changing climate”.

Glasgow artist Scott Myles was pictured in his studio during his artist residency program at 100 West in Corsicana on May 28, 2022.

Consisting of a large painting of a muscle car and painted dollar bills surrounded by flattened Myles quarters on the Corsicana train tracks, the show captures the intensity of Texas summers, fostered by the uncontrolled environment of the climate.

Sitting in a display stand next to the space is a broadsheet with an image of Myles on one side and an excerpt from an upcoming novel by Dallas and Corsica-based author David Searcy, with whom Myles befriended during his residency. The text discusses the ideas of acceleration and stasis – the perpetual, jerky way we move through life, fueled by moments of change. This underscores the irony at play in Myles’ installation: that we are constantly on the move but forever held hostage by the sweeping forces of capitalism.


“Pompeii” runs through July 25 at The Power Station, 3816 Commerce St., Dallas. Saturday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment. Free. For more information, email [email protected] or [email protected]

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