The Walker Art Center announces David Hockney’s exhibition


Do you still think about summer? So know that the Walker Art CenterSingular artist David Hockney’s next exhibition, with his layout for pool and west coast scenery scenes, arrives in December to provide a respite from the Minnesota winter.

The influential British artist, born in the United Kingdom in 1937, became a central part of the Los Angeles art scene when he moved there in 1964. At the time, during his Pop era, he became known for his bright paintings of portraits and landscapes with the naked eye. vibrant colors, incubating ideas he would revisit throughout his six-decade career and counting.

Now 84, Hockney’s work spans from painting and printmaking to stage set design and even digital media, with his iPad designs he has created in recent years. of his life. In 2018, he broke the record for the most expensive work of art by a living artist auctioned at the time, when his painting from 1972 “Portrait of an artist (swimming pool with two figures)” sold for $ 90 million.

Hosted by Senior Curator and Director Siri Engberg, “People, Places, & Things” will feature portraits of Hockney’s friends and family, still lifes, and simple domestic scenes (including the Southern California Pool, a a recurring theme that Hockney explored in various works during his career).

It’s kind of a comeback – Walker’s 1983 exhibition “Hockney Paints the Stage” focused on his set designs for theatrical and lyrical productions, including Poulenc’s opera. Tiresias udders. Another collection of his work will highlight his eye for landscape, including his takes in the Hollywood Hills, Mexico, and Yorkshire, England, with large-scale prints of his travels. Expect to see how Hockney has reinvented himself over the decades through his ever-changing experiences with his subject.

The exhibition will be on display at the Walker from December 18, 2021 to August 21, 2022.


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