The Wiscasset pop-up gallery will present the work of the artist Saco


“Canopy” by Seth Bond Perry, a graphic designer turned artist. Contribution photo

Wiscasset Art Walk‘s Hasenfus pop-up gallery, 64 Main Street, will host emerging artist Seth Bond Perry from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday, June 24.

Artist Saco plans to be in the gallery to draw and paint, and invites visitors to stop and say hello.

Although Perry worked as a professional graphic designer for almost 20 years, he recently quit his job “and decided to move forward as an artist with the faith that people will connect with my work” , he said, according to a gallery press release. . To ease this transition, Perry works mostly freehand and stays almost entirely away from computer programs.

“I can draw a canoe paddle once and I could reproduce it endlessly and do clip art, but I don’t want to do that,” he explains. “I did that so much; I’m done with this.

Instead, Perry revels in a more emotional approach to his work, feeling freer to create images that express his own vision.

When not drawing and painting profusely, Perry spends a lot of time looking at the world around him and searching within for answers to that world. While experimenting with styles and materials, he describes his art as sometimes brash, often fearless, and often humorous.

But what can you expect, says Perry, of a guy who spent eight years as a comedian on the comedy club circuit all over New England? In the end, he decided to stick with graphic design and leave the grueling career of comedy behind, noting, “I was not prepared to take the risk of quitting my graphic design job for. comedy, but I’m willing to take that risk for art. . “

Connecting with his viewers is important to Perry. “I want to give people ‘happiness’. I really want people to have fun when they watch my work. In addition to Perry’s artistic creation during WAW, he will exhibit and sell completed works in the gallery.

During the Wiscasset Art Walk 2021 season, all state-mandated COVID-19 precautions will be in effect along with safety precautions requested by individual stores and galleries. People are asked to bring a mask.

The Wiscaset Art Walk Thursdays will continue on June 29, August 26 and September 30.

The main sponsors of the Wiscasset Art Walk 2021 are Donna and Frank Barnako and First National Bank. The main sponsors are Ames True Value, Big Barn Coffee, Carriage House Gardens, Cod Cove Inn, Fogg Art Restoration, J. Edward Knight Insurance, Newcastle Realty, Peter H. Eaton Antiques, Red’s Eats, Rock Paper Scissors, Sarah’s Café and Tim Dunham Realty.

Wiscasset Art Walk is a program of the Wiscasset Creative Alliance.

For more information on Wiscasset Art Walk, visit or email [email protected].

Illustration of Seth Bond Perry Contribution photo



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